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Jan 2019
Curtis Rueden
Jan 21 14:46
@frauzufall I'm sorry, I don't know how to fix it. I know JRC has that problem, but I didn't realize it happened to people outside that campus. It has something to do with your local network configuration. Maybe an over-strict firewall. As for where best to discuss: either GitHub Issues or is better than chat for non-trivial issues, I'd say.
@frauzufall Correction: I think JRC has this problem even with HTTP somehow. Whereas I also have apparently gotten this error with HTTPS.
It's possible if we solve it for HTTPS in general, it will also solve it for JRC. But I don't know how to troubleshoot it.
Deborah Schmidt
Jan 21 15:36
@ctrueden is the setup of your server documented somewhere accessible? Would be great to be able to read about the details somewhere (HTTP / HTTPS rerouting, preventing webdav users from deleting files, etc.), does not have to be public if that's a security issue. We would like to configure our server the same way to enable us to better debug things. @turekg
Curtis Rueden
Jan 21 15:52
@frauzufall There is a private wiki documenting LOCI's server config, but it's unlikely to have the level of detail you need to fully recreate everything exactly the same. I could give you and/or @turekg sudo so that you can just inspect and copy details of the configuration as needed.
I thought @turekg already mirrored all the update site content? So you could just set up your own WebDAV on your server, and see if it works.
LOCI uses Apache 2.4 but I don't know why you would have to stick with that, if you prefer something else. The only way to know for sure is to try.
Deborah Schmidt
Jan 21 15:57
@ctrueden we are able to upload things to our own update sites server via WebDAV, but we need to use VPN right now because we have no access yet to it from outside. Once we have that this will be a good test for sure. It would be really great to get access to that wiki documentation, thank you!
Jan 21 16:24
@ctruden, that would be really very helpful….thanx!