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Mar 2019
Jan Eglinger
Mar 13 21:01
@ctrueden you mention on the forum that you’ll release pom-scijava-26.0.0 soon. Is that a single issue, or does that mean you’re doing another round of releases and upload to the update site? If the latter, I’d like to see imagej/imagej#224 merged and scijava-plugins-io-table added to the Java-8 update site if possible :slight_smile:
Curtis Rueden
Mar 13 23:41
@imagejan I was planning to do a “quick release” with only the new imagej-common search bar bug-fix, plus @acardona’s new script editor. There are so many other things that would be great to include, but I am super strapped for time right now unfortunately. Would you rather I do the quick release fast? Or take a bit longer to do a more complete release?