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Apr 2019
Curtis Rueden
Apr 05 17:41
@joaopapereira When you split channels, the title bar changes to say “red” or “green” or “blue” in parentheses. So you can check that. Other than that, I don’t think anything special is recorded in the metadata of each split channel’s ImagePlus.
João Pereira
Apr 05 20:14
The problem that I encountered was with a tif file that when split do not change the name. The problem is that the image is not considered to be a RGB image so it enters the part of the code that keeps the same name of the image because it assumes that it is a Gray scaled image
BF.openImagePlus was creating the wrong images so I started using the normal :
val tifImage = IJ.openImage(imageFile.absolutePath)
images = ChannelSplitter.split(tifImage)