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May 2019
Varun Kapoor
May 08 14:29
Hi again, I made a request to the Fiji development team to upgrade the flood fill tool with a pixel intensity value, the detailed post is here:
Curtis Rueden
May 08 17:34
@kapoorlab You are talking about ImageJ1 user interface, so the ImageJ2 and Fiji developers have no control here—only Wayne Rasband does. You can of course look into patching the ImageJ 1.x code yourself to behave as you like, and then ask him to incorporate your changes.
Varun Kapoor
May 08 22:28
If I have to patch this code as I need, I would have to modify the fillLine function in by adding a color argument in that function and use ip.setColor(color) and modify GUI to give an option to override the color model ip uses for drawing. Or the other option is to use Labkit Fiji plugin for doing such simple corrections.