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Feb 2015
Feb 04 2015 18:06
Hi plunker folks. I'm trying to figure out how to piece the different repo's together after downloading them. Any help you can give me?
Also, is the a freenode channel for this or something?
Because this thing doesn't seem to make sounds to alert me when something's been written
Does a person's name ping them? ggoodman?
Feb 04 2015 18:12
Hmm, maybe they really can each be run completely separately...
That doesn't make sense in my brain, but I'm sure it will become clear as I play around
Feb 04 2015 18:18
btw, how do you handle infinite loops?
Geoff Goodman
Feb 04 2015 19:49
but I get notifications anyway
@knod you need to put an @ sign before my name to ping me
@knod the different repos run separately and speak to eachother based on their knowledge of their respective urls from the config file
Feb 04 2015 22:27
@ggoodman Thanks for the tip on the @ sign.
@ggoodman Does that mean I need to download all the repos and link them to each other in their locations in my directory?