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Apr 2015
Aaike Van Roekeghem
Apr 21 2015 01:52

Hi, i've put together a plunk of the Aurelia navigation skeleton :

It uses jspm/babel to transpile es6/7 features.
However some features like decorators are not supported yet with jshint, so i have to add a //jshint ignore:true at the end of each line that jshint doesn't support yet.

If i don't do that and ignore the linting then the files do not get served by plunker...

Is there a way to disable linting for all files of a paricular plunk ? That would make it much easier for now to use es/7 features.

great work with Plunker btw !
i'd also love to put in a suggestion for subdirectories support ;)
Geoff Goodman
Apr 21 2015 12:20
Hi @Aaike thanks for thinking of Plunker to run your template. I have no easy solution for the jshint problems.
I think the authors will find themselves needing to support decorators very quickly or be left behind so it's just a matter of time.
As for directory support, this can be done with 'fake' directories. Just put forward slashes in the filename and Plunker's run server will treat it as if the file existed in the target directory.
Aaike Van Roekeghem
Apr 21 2015 13:08
ah ok , good to know, thx !
Aaike Van Roekeghem
Apr 21 2015 18:05
is there an update planned for plunker ? i see some pages on the website are not working yet.
just wondering if it will get an update and if it is being worked on etc ?
Also i tried the collaborative session thing. it didnt seem to work , the other guests were unable to edit the code.
they could change it but they said it would immediatly revert back.