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Oct 2015
Oct 30 2015 05:09
i have one problem in angular rating directive
i want to change the max attribute of rating directive
but not able to change
anyone can help
Oct 30 2015 09:33

Hi, I have just started learning angularjs and I am trying out the 1st video tutorial but TutsPlus.
I am writing the below code to check if angularjs is working but {{ 842 / 27 }} is being printed as it is..

<!DOCTYPE html>


<script data-require="angular.js@*" data-semver="2.0.0-alpha.31" src=""></script>
<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="script.js"></script>

<body ng-app="">
<h1>Hello Plunker!</h1>
{{ 842 / 27 }}


sorry.. the tag is: <body ng-app>
Oct 30 2015 09:39
Got it working, just tried out a different source (1.4.7).
Tudor-Dan Ravoiu
Oct 30 2015 12:39
how can i create folders?
Geoff Goodman
Oct 30 2015 13:27
@tudor2004 you can create 'mock' folders (that will behave like folders in the preview) but creating files like myDir/with/a/file.js
Plunker is being rewritten from the ground up and then you will see a full file tree.
Tudor-Dan Ravoiu
Oct 30 2015 18:48
@ggoodman thanks for the tip, i'll try that. BTW great job and can't wait to see the new plunker!