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Nov 2015
Nov 18 2015 10:26
Does anyone know of a way to insert jquery into squarespace to show facebook photo albums?
Darel Johnson
Nov 18 2015 11:06
How do you include the script.js file in index.html?
Geoff Goodman
Nov 18 2015 14:29
@dareljohnson <script src="script.js"></script> in your <head> tag or at the end of your <body> tag... like any real website.
Your plunk will be served as if it were hosted on some static file server.
Nov 18 2015 20:31
I am using row edit feature of ui-grid..i am getting error at gridApi.rowEdit.on.saveRow($scope, $scope.saveRow);
$scope.gridOptions.onRegisterApi = function(gridApi){
//set gridApi on scope
$scope.gridApi = gridApi;
gridApi.rowEdit.on.saveRow($scope, $scope.saveRow);
it says cannot read property 'on' of undefined
Could you please guide me where i am going wrong what i am missing