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Dec 2015
Dec 16 2015 02:00
what's mean "Don't use adjoining class"? How can I do? thanks!
Dec 16 2015 02:52
I wrote like this: {
opacity: 0;
color: green;
I wrote like this:{
color: green;
and I have been told this message: "Don't use adjoining class".
How can I do?
Dec 16 2015 14:01
@ggoodman is there a way to fix the edit problem for chrome? I need everything switch in IE to edit something... Finaly, I will not use Plunker at all, because only it has some strange bugs....
I have AdBlock activated,maybe this could be a cause?
In IE there is also plenty of bugs.... When I have a window not in the full screen, the page opens, OK, now when I maximize the window to the full screen scrolling apears and edit area does not completly cover the page...
Edit area does not follow the window size...
but the maid problem still remains the impossibility of edit something in Chrome
Eli Murray
Dec 16 2015 18:54
Trying to work on the angular 2 beta examples and it just says loading...
anyone else having this problem?
using chrome