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Dec 2015
Dec 18 2015 13:34
I have 2 html pages in my plunk. I am working on the second Plunk but when I either run the application or click refresh the first html page is always showing.
What do I have to do to view\run the secong html page?
Geoff Goodman
Dec 18 2015 20:24
@Dariatj Plunker will always try and 'guess' what to show. This is usually index.html. If you want to look at 2 pages, I'm afraid that the best solution right now is to add a link from the one that displays to the other.
Dec 18 2015 21:32
@ggoodman I have index.html at the root
Dec 18 2015 23:09
@ejmurra i have same issue