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Dec 2015
Dec 27 2015 02:19
Dec 27 2015 03:14
My code is not working properly
can anyone help me :(
Nagarajan Chinnasamy
Dec 27 2015 13:11
Hi, can someone please tell me why the FirstController is not being invoked in this:
MainController gets invoked all the time!!!
Nagarajan Chinnasamy
Dec 27 2015 13:38
Got it working after adding a <div> with ng-view in <body> :smile:
Chaitanya Desu
Dec 27 2015 20:17
if the template has myJson instead of {{jsonVar}}, it displays the table. but, when I am passing the json object name through an argument to the directive, it is not loading the template. Can any one help me why it is not working.