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Jan 2016
Jan 13 2016 04:53 UTC
anyone know why my message isn't showing ?
Ashish Pai
Jan 13 2016 06:06 UTC
Hi Everyone,
I'm new to Plnkr. I am learning AngularJS here by implementing a small project. The issue I am facing is that, whenever i open the embedded view, the latest code is not reflected there. Any idea why that happens?
Jan 13 2016 09:54 UTC
Hello everybody! I hope someone can help solve my problem. I'm started working with ui-router, but nothing shows up in the ui-view. Simplify all to a minimum, I add it to planker and still nothing works. My proj:
Julien Popa-Liesz
Jan 13 2016 10:22 UTC
I'm pretty familiar with angular and a bit of ui routing
I use ionic to create web apps
Jan 13 2016 15:05 UTC
Hello world.
Jan 13 2016 22:15 UTC
i don't get why this angular isnt working, am doing just as the tutorial but it seems there is a problem with the controllers