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Feb 2016
Feb 02 2016 06:12
Hi All plunker users :-)
I jst have one Query..that can we have deleted plunker repo back
Mukesh Kumar Pandey
Feb 02 2016 08:43
Feb 02 2016 12:45
Geoff Goodman
Feb 02 2016 14:24
@SONALIKOKARE I'm sorry but that isn't possible with Plunker.
Feb 02 2016 16:38
Hello to all of you!
Does anyone now how can i add router.es5.js from angular to work with ngNewRouter
i put this script on <head> <script src="router.es5.js"></script>
but it is not working
Feb 02 2016 23:21

Hi guys, best way to check is form(object) empty? in angular JS

do you think this is gonna work? I will test but cannot this moment, sry for bad eng

$scope.isEmpty = function (myObj) {
var empty = true;
angular.forEach(myObj, function (value, key) {
empty = false;
return empty;
RocioR can u try with rename js file? Something like router_es5.js then src="router_es5.js" ?