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Feb 2016
Feb 12 2016 11:11
i have been practising the Angualar js tutorialcode
but I am getting an error , while using routers
can some please help
this is the link of the code, here counter is running forever
Farrukh Zaman
Feb 12 2016 12:09
Hi Any angular expert there?
I am using this code in my angular app. Can anyone tell me how i can call it multiple time with different time?
Farrukh Zaman
Feb 12 2016 12:18
Any body can help me?
Peter Pisljar
Feb 12 2016 12:20
what exactly would you like to acieve ?
Surekha Shelake
Feb 12 2016 12:20
you can write directive for it.
accept timer parameter for it,
directive you can use as many places
Feb 12 2016 15:02
how do I see the console/debug window?
no worries, got it, it's part of the browser I am using