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Feb 2016
Dimiter 'malkia' Stanev
Feb 25 2016 01:43
Hi guys. New here, learning Angular2 from this page - - Wondering if there is easy way to display any compile errors in for the tests in the page - e.g. I've been changing [(ngModel)] for fun to [(ngModel2222)] (I know it's stupid) - just to see the effect of it, but there is nothing coming, just things don't load. Possibly I'm not asking for the right feature, but in case there is somehing that i've missed please shout out :) :)
Feb 25 2016 13:11

Hi, why after the automatic refresh content div in jQuery
does not work bootstrap tooltip on the item <a> ?

See my code

I have problem with div id=links1
Div id=link2 work fine


I tried to reload the bootstrap.js but not helped :(
Luis Ruiz
Feb 25 2016 18:08
good, a query is it possible to load a code that is in another project in plunker miss?
Or it could be if I can link 2 projects in plunker
Geoff Goodman
Feb 25 2016 19:42
@newmesiss all saved plunks (and their contents) can be accessed via<plunk_id>/[file.ext]
Feb 25 2016 20:26
having issues with plunker...seems like the external librarires are not loading properly...could some one have a look
Geoff Goodman
Feb 25 2016 20:34
@flyingboy007 While I'm not sure why your project isn't working, the libraries are loading but it appears that some dependencies are not set up correctly.
Feb 25 2016 20:37
ok thank you for trying to help..