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Feb 2016
Nagendra Rao Jogi
Feb 26 2016 02:10

@flyingboy007 I am beginner to angular though. Just wondering how to send ng-init to controller and use that in $filter string parameter to query $resource. I have code as follow and don't make it work : I am not sure it will be right solution for me or no. Objective is to resource same controller with multiple parameter values and load different results as different section. like product type1 a section, type 2 an other section, etc... Appreciate the help.
angular.module('productmanage').controller(controllerId, ['productresource', productlistconroller]);

function productlistconroller(productresource){
var vm = this;

productresource.query({$filter: "substringof(text, 'type')"}, function(data){
vm.products = data;
} 'code'

Feb 26 2016 05:28
@nagen1 why dont you make a plunker?
Feb 26 2016 18:37