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Mar 2016
Dimiter 'malkia' Stanev
Mar 14 2016 06:25
@ggoodman Thank you! I'm sorry, just saw the post, and would try it out soon!
Mar 14 2016 11:13
HI i am facing some problems while implementing kendo multi select check box for 2016 version. Can some one guide me what is the problem.
Geoff Goodman
Mar 14 2016 16:53
@stevermeister I think the latest, best info for running Plunker locally is here:
Zee (Zahir) Kelloud
Mar 14 2016 19:00
Hello everyone,Could someone help me please. How do I access a value of a column that's not in the columnDefs? Here's my plnkr
Chris Thielen
Mar 14 2016 21:27
@ggoodman does google spider public plunks?
I'm trying to find an old plunk of mine
Mar 14 2016 21:28
Looking for a table implementation that supports multi-row selection using the arrow keys and shift key.
Found this pluker, but it doesn't seem to work: