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Aug 2016
Kalvin Tuel
Aug 08 2016 14:45
Going through the tutorials was very straight forward and easy. I enjoyed them, they explained the basics very well.
Moving past that I had some difficultly figuring out how the different pieces fit together and which technologies to use.
My process of learning was that I wanted to decide on IDE first. I have lots of experience with Visual Studio .NET, so I looked at that, but it felt like it was really not written for this type of web dev. It could do it once you add enough third party tools, but it seemed clunky to me. Then I looked at VS Code, and it was the same for me as a beginner. It could do it all very well, but you have to know exactly what you want in order to get the different parts to work together (typescript, NPM, Angular, linters, intellisense, etc). Looked at Brackets, same thing as VS Code. I looked at whether Dreamweaver supports Angular, but it doesn't. I finally settled on WebStorm and decided it was worth the $59 per year for everything it gave me. It has built in lots of tools and functionality and felt very familiar easy to use.
Kalvin Tuel
Aug 08 2016 14:50
After that I started trying to use random tutorials and existing projects on github. The problem I kept running into is that every project uses a different set of tools, frameworks, libraries. Which required me to keep going down various rabbit holes to understand what they are, how to configure them, what they give me, are they necessary, etc. I looked at gulp, grunt, Angular (of course), System.config (something like that anyway), and I think there some more terms popping up that I wasn't familiar with.
I watched some videos on Pluralsight (i'm a HUGE fan of Pluralsight), I ran into the same problem, they always used 2 technologies I'm familiar with and 3 more I've never heard of. Queue the rabbit hole again as I try to figure out what this new thing is. To say I found this process as a seasoned windows programming quite frustrating as I seemed to find an endless sea of rabbit holes to get into.
I got this YouTube video from a coworker and it helped me quite a bit:
He explains the basics of the more common technologies and it really helped me a lot to eliminate many of the distractions I kept bumping into.
Kalvin Tuel
Aug 08 2016 14:57
I am happy say that I now have a basic understanding of Angular 2, I use WebStorm to create a new Angular CLI project and it does a great job of building a basic project with the necessary components. I am now moving forward on learning Typescript which is a very familiar language coming from a C# background. It builds the code into a dist folder so I know what needs to go the web server, npm creates a very nice dev web server so I can see the changes as I save the page. I really like Angular 2, not having an Ang 1 background. I understand there are many upset Ang 1 developers because of the many breaking changes between the versions. But as a newbie I really like the framework so far. I have learned many lessons getting to this point and I'm happy to help where I can.
I know I put a lot there. Hopefully that helpful and not just more noise in your path :)
Brock Ellis
Aug 08 2016 23:02
Does anyone know if there is an Ionic 2.0.0-beta.11 plunker available yet?