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Aug 2016
Travis Heeter
Aug 10 2016 00:27
This message was deleted
Joaquin Lares
Aug 10 2016 02:18
Hi guys, in the Services Tutorial, i think that the AppComponent is missing the directive HeroDetailComponent. I wonder how it displays the detailed view without the line which imports the HeroDetailComponent and without listing the directives: [HeroDetailComponent].
Yan Kozlovskiy
Aug 10 2016 02:49
How do you make the text bigger in the editor?
Eduards Brown
Aug 10 2016 09:53
Hi, for some reason when I open embedded view its opens unsaved project and says service unavailable.
But if I try to open it second time , it works.
Aug 10 2016 10:28
Hi Everybody!
I'm trying to use plunker editor for angular.. I could make any angular directives work.
What do I need to make it work
I see output as Hello Plunker!
{{ message }}
Aug 10 2016 10:46
ok.. the editor did not work for 2.0 .. but it did when I change to 1.5.7
Enny Isambert
Aug 10 2016 16:19
Aug 10 2016 17:22
Hey I need some help with declaring my javascript variable