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Aug 2016
David Moore
Aug 12 2016 05:35
Hello all, I have a question... I'm looking to add parameters to the URL to test it. Can I add matrix params? For example...;param1=true;param2=false
Aug 12 2016 07:40
@tamilhce that means the assignment may be wrong bro. send me the code.
@moore82 yes. you can pass matrix parameters. that does work.
Jared Youtsey
Aug 12 2016 21:17
Trying to modify an angular 2 rc5 plunker to use @angular2-material - the systemjs config is pretty straight forward, but I can't figure out where "node_modules" resolves to or how to include a script?
I don't see any way to INCLUDE the packages I find. Or are they just there all the time? How do I get something in there that doesn't exist (or that only exists in a private plunker???)?