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Aug 2016
Aug 31 2016 04:06
iam entered sample JS code in plunker but when i click on run it is not running
not sure where iam going wrong
can anyone help me out

var scope = "global";

function testScope() {
var scope = "local";

function innerFunc() {
return scope;
return innerFunc;

var result = testScope()();
output.innerHTML = result;

Aug 31 2016 08:36
hi there, i want to use the angular js calender using moment in the link:
and i have added this calender to my project but it doesn't work properly and i need to know how to set dependencies and what codes i need to add for real?
i'd be so thankful to receive a useful answer
Aug 31 2016 11:12
is there anyone?
i want to tell a secret to you guys
get out of this fucking imaginary world
go to real life
make friends
that's it
okay good night
love you al
Aug 31 2016 13:20
Hi there, I just wanted to know will ngRoute be supported with angular 1.3x version
Cha Run Teja
Aug 31 2016 18:40
Aug 31 2016 18:41
Cha Run Teja
Aug 31 2016 18:44 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
i am getting this error
wats the prblm?can u have an idea?
Ian Jones
Aug 31 2016 20:31
hey guys! is there a guide for creating plunks through the api?