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Sep 2016
Craig C.
Sep 02 2016 01:07
@suhassalavathasa I use ngRoute with 1.3x and 1.5.8, but it is more of a backup for ui-router, which allows for nesting subviews
Sep 02 2016 01:46
Noob alert ! ...
PlnkVirgin here. ... looking for some direction (if it's not too much to ask)
Looking for javascript ninjas (or even someone looking to sharpen/hone the skill set)
Using the web to learn JavaScript but sure wouldn't mind a hand at times. We're a 20year business looking to leverage the web to expand internationally. I currently could use some guidance on some js code on this page (hoping he can enter a page without getting hand slapped) ...
Sep 02 2016 01:53
We're bootstrapping (double-speak for not well-funded) but I do have a plan to 'compensate' anyone willing to roll up their sleeves from time to time. Honestly, I really am edumacatin' myself so I really don't want to pester someone all that much ... just every now and then. Curious? Please introduce yourself. Happy to give you the Coles Notes to see if you might be interested further. Kindly, Jeff.
PS Skype thechapper or z {at} -- continued success in all you do.