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Oct 2016
Kevin Mawdsley
Oct 19 2016 09:36
Does anybody know the fix for the error 'url_resolver.js:248 Uncaught TypeError: uri.match is not a function'? I've copied all the code from Plunker thinking it was a typo from me but it still shows that error.
Kevin Mawdsley
Oct 19 2016 09:54
I fixed the error by removing 'moduleId' references from all ts files and the app loads. But it doesn't work properly. I'm new to this so don't know what the problem is now :-(
Kevin Mawdsley
Oct 19 2016 10:09
Now I've fixed it! I'd removed the id path reference in app-routing.module.ts. Now it's back it works :-)
Oct 19 2016 16:28
Hi Everyone
I need small angular project web based application and also how to run
Oct 19 2016 19:25

Can we render html code directly in our ionic app- not in inappBrowser
we directly render html code in ionic app. I found one way of doing this:

<div ng-repeat="x in data">
<div ng-bind-html-unsafe="x"></div>

Is this one the right approach, or can we do something different ? I don't see any issue with this but I am just wondering whether we can do it differently.

"status": true,
"data": [
"<label class=\"checkbox\"><input id=\"row-24\" name=\"ids[]\" type=\"checkbox\" value=\"24\"><span><\/span><\/label>",
"<img src=\"http:\/\/\/abc\/default.png\" class=\"img\" \/>",
"Another description",
"<a href=\"http:\/\/\/abc\/ies\/edit\" >Edit<\/a>"
"<label class=\"checkbox\"><input id=\"row-27\" name=\"ids[]\" type=\"checkbox\" value=\"27\"><span><\/span><\/label>",
"<img src=\"http:\/\/\/abc\/cat_27.jpg\" class=\"img\" \/>",
"<a href=\"http:\/\/\/abc\/categories\/edit\/27\" >Edit<\/a>"

Moussa TAMBA
Oct 19 2016 20:20
Hi ! some on can help me on my code
in angularjs
my controller not work