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Nov 2016
when i select it works fine as dd/MM/yyyy
but when i type in input field or get date from database it changed the format as MM/dd/yyyy
can you help me
i used this code in my html
its showing the total but if i try to change the value of input the number will display the beside of total
lets take the total is 6 if try to change one of input as 4 i got like this is44
please look into this
Nov 01 2016 23:57
Hi, I am using this code in application to achieve pagination. Now I want to add search/filter functionality to it, so I created a pipe for it. Search is working fine, but it is not updating the pagination.
this is how I am adding search functionality:
<tr *ngFor="let item of | filterPipe: searchTerm">
actually I need to update data so that pagination is also updated