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Dec 2016
Dec 27 2016 00:37

I am new to plunker and have a simple question.

When I right click to copy and paste, the option is not available. How can I set my editor up to enable me to copy and paste?

Joeri Boudewijns
Dec 27 2016 21:15
Hi. Since today when I log in to, same for http or https protocol, i get logged in but my avatar isn’t loaded correctly, getting default Gravatar while the avatar URL in console is the correct one being, and alos every time I realod a page or navigate between pages on the website I get logged out... Any ideas why this is?
Joeri Boudewijns
Dec 27 2016 21:58
Strange now it seems to have solved itself. Refresh couple of times and logged in sometimes and logged out some other times. Also when pressing the logout button, then the Login button doesn’t work and after having logged out refresh page couple of times and automatically logged in again?