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Feb 2017
Feb 09 2017 07:22
hi... i am facing issue with international formate nubmbers. I used the plunk on of the following page
same i just follow the steps and mostly copy past the code
Feb 09 2017 07:34
but i am facing issue on local machine
this link in underlined
show an error
how can i over ride this issue ?
Feb 09 2017 13:43
I want to override the style for ngb date picker dropdown-meny by typescript code for this i have write the code
let dropDownMenu: HTMLCollectionOf<HTMLDivElement> = element.element.nativeElement.getElementsByClassName('dropdown-menu') as HTMLCollectionOf<HTMLDivElement>;
if (dropDownMenu && dropDownMenu.length > 0) {
for (let i: number = 0; i < dropDownMenu.length; i++) {
dropDownMenu.item(i) = String(data.pageY + 10) + 'px'
dropDownMenu.item(i).style.position = 'fixed';
dropDownMenu.item(i).style.left = String(data.pageX) + 'px';
It is successfully working but after that these properties overriden by some inline style
Please help me how to fix this issues