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Jul 2017
Jul 09 2017 14:05
i am using condition in ng-class in my view file to show the class
but it is not working properly
can any body suggest
                                <div class="view_divide auther_falinks"><i ng-class="(userid==<?php $this->session->uid?>)?(goodquestion==1) ? 'fa fa-thumbs-o-up fa_custom': 'fa fa-thumbs-o-up auther_icon1'" aria-hidden="true" ng-click="goodQuestion(, goodquestion )"></i> Good Question{{goodquestion}} <em ng-click="getGQValue($flag=1)">999</em></div>
Jul 09 2017 16:55
If I want to add an image folder to plunker how can I do that ?
and if I want to reference to a PNG image on my drive ?