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Jul 2017
Abdelhakeem Osama
Jul 20 2017 09:37

@Toxicable I've tried your solution here:

Now the circular dependency problem is resolved but I'm getting infinite recursion before even making any requests. I've also excluded the login and refresh token endpoints from the interception by their url schemes but that has nothing to do with it anyways since I'm getting this error while the app is bootstrapping.

I'll make a brief plunkr to demonstrate how my code looks like...

Abdelhakeem Osama
Jul 20 2017 11:01
Here it is:
It's not working on Plunker due to its being unable to retrieve @angular/common/http, but the main point is to see what's wrong with that infinite recursion problem during the bootstrapping process
Jul 20 2017 17:54
Hello all. I am wondering can we debug the protractor test cases in plunker