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Aug 2017
Aug 11 2017 03:50
HI, SVG not rendering on local.
client?ffdb:45 C:/valmont/AngGIS/testsvg/src/app/svg.service.ts (11,19): Property '_body' does not exist on type 'Response'.
log @ client?ffdb:45
client?ffdb:45 C:/valmont/AngGIS/testsvg/src/app/safe_html.ts (8,27): Property 'bypassSecurityTrustHtml' does not exist on type 'Sanitizer'.
Aug 11 2017 16:42
Hi, i need some help in my code, i dont know why i cant redirect my page to the "/repo/username/reponame" and use the "RepoController" and the "UserController", can u please help me with this ?