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Aug 2017
Aug 23 2017 09:09
Hello friends im new and i want to preparing for a big company in sweden and i need help
there is to give me some help?
Aug 23 2017 12:24
hi guys. created a file app.vue, but their is no color scheme applied to VUE files?
@DimitrisFragkoulis help doing what?
@Abu0Karma_twitter coords? is that a var name?
@nikhilaroratgo yes your plunks are sycned, but i m not sure if you can undo.
@mohitshandillya_twitter drop angular move to vue!
Aug 23 2017 13:27
@ricky11 the company use angular2 and i don't have idea...
I have started to learn some javascript what did you
Advised me
Aug 23 2017 19:29
@DimitrisFragkoulis best use youtube! You'll find lots of great tutorials.
Aug 23 2017 20:31
@tarekahf something some professional?
Aug 23 2017 21:48
I am unable to add angular.js package to my plunk. Please advise.