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Aug 2017
Aug 30 2017 01:28
Hey, how do I connect my plnkr to an sql database?
Aug 30 2017 06:32
You can not, You should use online database like mongolab instead.
Aug 30 2017 11:26
I started using Silvio Moreto ´s selectpicker in a project and I m facing a difficult
when I click in edit a client on my client list form, other form loads with the data of that client, but the selectpicker is not working fine
The behaviour sould be like this:
A) selected territorie loads in provincia selectpicker
B) municipio selectpicker loads all the zones of the territorie
Aug 30 2017 11:31
C) municipio selectpicker should show client ´s zone
A and B are working
But not C
I share my code
var provinciaID=data.idprovincia;
var municipioID = data.idmunicipio;
var data = {'provinciaID': provinciaID};
data: data,
contentType: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
success: function(data){
provinciaID is territory and municipioID is zone
the AJAX gets all the zones from client ´s territory and puths them in #idmunicipio selectpicker
but when I want to programatically set the selected value on #idmuniciopio the content does not update
Can you help me please?