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Repo info
    Oguz Demir
    I have a question about cell editing.
    Who can help me? :)
    Oguz Demir
    I wonder that, how AG-Grid make changes for inline editing? I mean, where does it write updated data when leave from updated cell? In json or DB?
    When I select "plunkerPreviewTarget" from the "Javascript contexts" dropdown, it is always highlighted with this red/pink color. I am wondering why this might be case. (I am a noob D: )
    good morning Johnny here coding from Pauls Valley Oklahoma. I'm brand new to plunker and am following a tutorial from watchandcode who recommended this application for learning how to code. I have created a new file and am trying to run it and it isn't showing up on the preview. Have any idea what I'm doing wrong that it isn't displaying my code?
    does anyone know if Node.JS works here?
    Shiv M

    hey guys i am getting an error when using template driven forms, " error Template parse errors:
    There is no directive with "exportAs" set to "ngForm" ("

    <form name="form" class="form-signin" [ERROR ->]#f="ngForm" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit()" action="">". I have imported forms module in app module but still i am getting this error

    Hi All
    I need a clarification
    cellClass: function (grid, row, col, rowRenderIndex, colRenderIndex) {
    var cellValue = grid.getCellValue(row, col);
                                            if ($scope.gridOptions.data > criticalThreshold && isCritical == true  ) {
                                                return { "background-color" :  widgetStyle.criticalColor};
                                                //return 'red';
                                            }else if(grid.getCellValue(row, col) > cautionThreshold && isCaution == true  ){
                                                return {"background-color" : cautioncolor};
                                            //    return 'yellow';
                                            }return {"background-color" :  color };
                                            //    return 'white';
    which doesnt work
    can anyone help me out
    Nikulin Sergey
    anybody here?
    I'm there but can't help
    how can i run my changes
    can we save these annotations and restore them, can anyone please help me on this
    I am unable to change the name of my lunker
    I am unable to change the name of my Plunker
    Never mind!
    hi to all
    how to interpret a corrplot
    My Mac is overheating because Plunker is running at 100% of cpu, does anyone know how to fix this?
    how do i save my plunk so that I can post it to stack overflow
    I'm new so I'm not sure how to save my changes
    Jaikev Rogsel
    I'm trying to copy this code https://plnkr.co/edit/jbZgIg?p=gitter
    now it has a file called styles.scss
    But in index.html, there's only <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
    Is it a typo? Or this .scss file compile to .css file?
    I'm not familiar with CSS technology
    I also just made my gitter acc rn so not familiar with the interface
    Jaikev Rogsel
    the only way to know is to try
    Jaikev Rogsel
    i have no idea
    @jaikev_rogsel_twitter that is a typo, it should be styles.css
    Jaikev Rogsel
    are you sure?
    too late then cuz i already assumed that it's not and compiled it to css lol
    Yeah, the file name should change to styles.css
    how do css frameworks work. Do i have to download something ?
    bonjour comment ca marche plunker
    Hi new version of plunker not working on my machine
    I was trying to Plunk the below url: https://plnkr.co/edit/0CQVXl1Y9UsDp5TCszSk?p=preview
    Any help please?
    Hello, I'm new on Plunker and I try to learn JavaScript with this tool. I am a bit concerned to see alreay 4 errors on the console of my browser as I only opened a new Plunk, such as this one : "blocked autofocusing on a form control in a cross-origin subframe." Is that normal?
    I can't even put a line on my script (ex : console.log('HelloWorld!');
    It does not work
    Hi I am very new using angular.js and i am currently working on a project for a customer. Need some help. Currently, I have managed to setup my codes to search on individual terms. But I would like the function to be able to search on combination of terms and only show result within the criteria..how to i do that?