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Jan 2016
Jan 15 2016 00:21
I'm sad ;-;
Jan 15 2016 01:50
I still not seeing the snaps, idk if I download the wrong thing or the app do not work for me ;-;
Alex Hughes
Jan 15 2016 08:04

@filfat I decompiled the official app around midday today...I might eventually be able to start to make sense of it but it's not looking fun haha.

I plan on spending some extended time this weekend working with it and a packet sniffer and work backwards from there.
No promises though I've never done anything related to infosec before.

Jan 15 2016 11:07
Hi Filfat, all right? How is going the thing SwiftSnapper?
Jan 15 2016 17:05
Hi all
No news today ?
Filiph Sandström
Jan 15 2016 17:38
Not so far no
Jan 15 2016 19:58
Denniz Bednarc
Jan 15 2016 20:11
Hey Filip, what is the launching protocol for the app?
Jan 15 2016 21:29
Hey, im a 1st year college student doing computer science. I would love to help you guys if you need it? Im learning JAVA and SQL atm if that is any help?
Tine Jozelj
Jan 15 2016 21:55
same here :) give a look at the code, play with it :P