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Repo info
    Suresh Nelamangala
    Folks , where can I see the CI Builds for magento community edition
    I want to setup a Continuous Integration and Deployment for an App built on top of Magento and was looking for some resources for doing the same
    hi all.. I have configurable products with multiple simple products (grouped by color). each simple product has different images
    I have uploaded correct images to simple products and when on page I switch color, it switches image
    problem is if I have multiple images per simple products because it shows only 1
    what is correct way? should media_gallery of configurable product contains all images?
    because if I update color, media_gallery does not update on the page
    Rajkumar Tiwari
    can someone tell me how to implement a module specifically on checkout page
    any ng2 library that can be used to authenticate magento 1.x REST API? that I just need to pass consumerkey, secret, auth and token urls? has anyone tried any ng2 oauth library to call magento 1.x REST API?
    Joedaimar R. Gozon
    hey guys, any of you have an idea why looping a collection returns error 500?
    Sajid Unar
    @gozonjoedaimar you mean browser error with 500 ?
    Marwan Rabbâa
    Hello, I ce discovered a bug informatique magento 1x
    Is there a way to publish a patch ?
    Le Hong Son
    Dear developers. I have a problem with magento 2 payment. I am using payubizz magento 2 ,odule for payment integration. While payment in process I can tamper money and reduce the value of payment and make a payment. Magento is not validating product price with payment price. Just collecting payment and redirecting to success page. I hope you will help me. Thanks in advance.
    How to get total paid amount in magento 2?
    someone help
    hi @hellboy81
    Can anyone help me for hash code generation in magento 2 payment gateway
    Hi guys. Did someone used Varnish+Turpentine module on magento v1.9.x ? I had one problem with multiple cookie generation for one page loading ^^
    Hi, what is the fastest way to move all hardcoded into core functions to module?
    Client's Magento website was hardcoded by student. And all overrides and helper functions were coded right into core classes. What the fastests way to root all the hardcode and put it into module?
    How to get selected payment method in magento 2
    Hi. Has anybody experienced that Group Prices for products works in category and product view, but as soon as it's added to cart it shows regular price? I apply the groupprice to the group NOT LOGGED IN it works in the cart and checkout, but not any of the customer groups i have created. It's Magento CE
    Matteo Lorétan
    Hi, I'm having an issue with the search index on a magento 1.9.3, the table catalogsearch_fulltext is missing attribute that are selected as searchable (in advanced and quick search) and of course search is not working on those attribute. Anybody know where that could come from ?
    Prashant Balan


    We have an issue with Magento language settings. It remembers the user sessions from previous visit, so if the user has come to the website and switched from English to Chinese then leave, the next time they open the browser and visit the site it will be in Chinese.

    Normally this behaviour is fine, but it is creating a conflict with the WP blog installation and now redirects are getting confused between CN/EN.

    If there is a way to disable this feature on Magento it would make it a lot easier to manage. However I cannot find a way to stop Magento from remembering the last visited language, and to just default to English.

    Thank you for you assistance.

    We are using Magento 1.9 CE
    Osiozekhai Aliu
    Hi Guys, i am looking for a new magento 1 or 2 project. Send me your Mail Adress in a private message and i would send you a list of my references
    Gareth McCumskey
    Hi all. New to Magento. Can anyone point me to where I can get some docs as the official ones seem to only be for version 2 and I need the docs for version 1.
    Gareth McCumskey
    Waleed H. Khan
    Any Magento 2 Devs available today to fix a product sorting issue - its a Paid Job. DM for more Details.
    Muiz Musaddik
    Hi, we have issue with catalog attribute, is it possible to assign new attribute to existing simple product ?
    Giacomo Ratta

    Hi everyone!

    /app/locale/de_DE/GetNoticed_de_DE.csv has the translation “Idev_OneStepCheckout::Shopping Cart”,“In den Einkfaufswagen”

    /app/design/frontend/hmw/default/locale/de_DE/translate.csv has the translation “Shopping Cart”,“Einkaufswagen”

    Do you know why in the header the first one appears?

    Pedro Bauer

    Hello, im trying to make an SQL statement to count all products with one picture which are activated.

    I have this so far.
    catalog_product_entity e
    catalog_product_entity_media_gallery m ON e.entity_id = m.entity_id
    catalog_product_entity_int i ON i.value = 1

    Osiozekhai Aliu
    @PedroBauer try using the Magento 2r repository collection instead of plain SQl.
    Its easier and works better on all magento2 systems regardless if Flat catalog is switched on or off
    Hello, anyone looking for best ecommerce agency in usa for magento implementation maybe we can help you things get done right https://www.ziffity.com
    hi friends.. i need catalogsearch from magento1.9 as rest api for our mobile application.. i need type search along with attributes search, for example https://magento-1-store.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=red&product_size=212, here my search query is red and my attribute is product_size.. in web, it show 1 result product for this search, but i wrote my custom search api, it results 0 products.. please someone help me..
    @aliuosio sometimes, when you've the collection in about 100k+ products it is annoying a bit to work with it.
    The script execution could take up to hour and more. I had that experience. It could be cos of M1, but I believe M2 is not much faster there.
    Hi. We have a Magent shop where we are experiencing a periodical error, where customers, when pushing "Go to payment" skips that step, because magento sends them directly to the order confirmation page. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
    Hi there, we are a digital agency in the uk. we are looking for a senior magento 2 dev for a project. they need to be based ideally in Eastern Europe able to work +- 2hrs of UK timezone. This could extend to a full time role. please pm me if you would like to know more.
    Osiozekhai Aliu
    Hi Guys,
    Has some one had success using:
    Osiozekhai Aliu
    Hi Guys,
    i have been working on an Docker Stack for Magento 2 for almost a year now.
    It would be nice if you guys take a look at it and maybe develop some of the mssing features with me and a bug which appears on the OSX Version.
    Here ist the Link:
    dead channel?
    Osiozekhai Aliu
    Please try out my Magento 2 Docker Stack and give me some Feedback on it.
    Lisa Brown
    Once you have your online store created on the Magento platform to start with your e-commerce business, you need to manage it well to make sure that your store is performing well. For this, you need to run it through constant updates and upgrades, keep testing it for bugs and errors and fix them to keep up the security of your platform and there are other activities as well. You can leave all these tasks to the professionals by getting the best Magento Maintenance Services with us.
    For more details, follow the link https://www.zehntech.com/magento-development/magento-support-and-maintenance-services/
    Brian Royce
    Hello I am looking to hire two magento developers
    Hi @brianroyce_gitlab what do you need help with. Happy to chat. hello at textmimedia.com