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    Not much conversation here yet 😄. So let me ask a question. In Slack some messages were posted automatically when for example FitNesse was released. Will that be the case on this platform as well?
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    Hey guys, I'm having issues with a new Fitnesse-standalone.jar on top of an old FitnesseRoot. It works fine from the wiki but when I reorganized suites or create new tests, they won't run from the command line. I see there is a new format of Test1.wiki, and those tests don't get run
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    anyone else experience this or know how to deal with it?
    Never mind. Thanks for the troubleshooting help
    was running an old jar at the command line, that didn't match the new one used for the wiki being run as a service
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    Steve McDonald
    Does anyone know if Fitnesse supports markdown as opposed to using their own custom Markup Language?
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    Daniël Verburgh
    This message was deleted
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    Timo van Dorth
    Anyone running/building FitNesse with HSAC's browsertest with Kotlin? UncleBob's FitNesse is built with Groovy. Instead of reinventing the wheel; does someone have an example?
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    Hi, I am a new comer. I have two basic questions:
    1. When I have -log <folder> as argument, why I can not see any log file there? With log file I can learn the source code for fitnesse better.
    2. My goal is to add a button "Fix" in addition to "Test" in each page, to automatically fill in values for the page. My use case is the following: The app log is in the format of fitnesse pages, if I have verify the behavior to be correct, I want to "Fix" it as a test page for the future. Can someone give a pointer on where to start?
    To clarify my approach:
    1) If I run from jar file directly, I saw the log file, and messages in console.
    2) If I run from eclipse, I could not see the log file, and any message in console.
    Is there a way for me to see the logs and messages in eclipse?
    Fried Hoeben

    I suppose there must be, but it depends on how you run from Ecilpse. I’m not an Eclipse user. Maybe someone can help you with that if you describe how you run from Eclipse, in Java terms. For instance do you start the jar or are you running classes directly, without building a jar from them, how do you pass arguments?

    Regarding your ‘fix’ button idea. I don’t really see what that has to do with log files. It sounds like you want to generate alternative versions of wiki pages, where expected values are updated to actual values. You could take a look at the code to generate the ‘re-run suite’ that is generated when some pages in a suite fail. That gives an indication how to create a new page, from code, that can immediately be run from the wiki. But I don’t think this can be a generic feature: test failures could depend on input values to a fixture, not just direct expectations, or symbols could be used as expected values (ie the expected value is the output of some other method). It could of course work in your specific test setup and fixtures.

    @fhoeben The use case is the following: Suppose the test suits are already generated, and there is some business logic changes. It is tedious to change every cell, a "Fix" button will accept the current values.
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    Hi, I am curious how to define multiple line (to be more readable ) JSON string in variable something in line of Wiki : ! define $testJsonInput = { "input": ["test"]} ???
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    Hey, working with ejbs over here.. fitnesse always give me a "NoInitialContextException". FitNesse is running separately from my business apps which are deployed on a jboss. Any ideas on how to provide an InitialContext?