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  • Jan 01 2016 11:35
    @tobscure banned @flame05
Hello All, I'm trying to build my first extension and can't seem to find the extensions folder in the directory flarum is installed in by composer. I did however wandered into /installdirectory/vendor/flarum and see a things like "flarum-ext-akismet" but I'm not sure if this is the correct directory
Daniël Klabbers
@PBPAINTEXE_twitter the extensions folder is deprecated
check repository path method or franz studio
all this is listed in the ^
Rody Molenaar
Anyone interested in helping with updating the Flarum Dutch Language Pack?
Daniël Klabbers
@rodymolenaar what do you need?
Rody Molenaar
I’m guessing there have been a mighty amount of translation changes since the 2 years the package was last meaningfully updated
Just thought maybe there’s someone really eager to help translate 😅
Daniël Klabbers
@rodymolenaar not really sorry :P too busy even getting a minor fix out to release the new flagrow/upload
Rody Molenaar
@Luceos I just got https://github.com/rodymolenaar/flarum-ext-dutch out the door. So keep on cracking those amazing extensions of yours.
Daniël Klabbers
@rodymolenaar <3
Pulse Clip
I am using Flarum in production from past 7 months, today I noticed that in DOM within script tag all my settings table data is being dumped. It contains some confidential info as well like aws bucket specific key, name etc. Please help, it's urgent.
Amaury Carrade
‎logabhi‎ : Flarum is now using Discord → http://flarum.org/discord
Belenov Dmitriy
hi everyone
There anyone, please help I am upgrading flarum from beta 6 to beta 7.1 and after running composer update -> i went to /admin and entered db password but it got status 500, and said 'Something went wrong'
So I would like to propose a change in css for this extension, https://github.com/Extum/flarum-ext-material. I am new to github and I know I have to create a pull request, but for some reason am having trouble figuring it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
From what I understood from the github tutorial, you create a brand, make changes and then create a pull request from there. I am wondering if I am missing something. I will wait for a response, don't mean to bombard the chat room.
hi eveyone
i need some help
I want to change the fontawesome int the Navigation components Navigation back button
how can I override Navigation Components in my extension
thank you all for any help
Efekan Köksal

where is the post "content" page?

<div id="content"></div>
{!! $content !!}

where is {!! $content !!} ?
Efekan Köksal
Anupam Basu
Does anyone know how to see firebase FCM logs?