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Repo info
    Ryan Collins
    Anything I should watch out for specifically with using this project with grunt?
    Philip Daineka
    @RyanCCollins hm.. I think no, we haven't heard about such problems yet
    Ryan Collins
    @okendoken awesome. Thanks. This project is really fantastic. Thanks so much for your hard work. You can see the grunt angular-Fullstack version here: https://github.com/u-hub/uhub-site
    It's probably not quite ready for prime time, as I'm getting it into docker. Would it help for me to create a new version that is in grunt, with angular-Fullstack?
    Leandro Ordóñez
    Hi! this is certainly an awesome project. I'm new to gulp and I was wondering what should I do to run this project in a production server. I mean can I still use gulp for serving the application?
    Jair Nunes
    somebody work with heroku?
    What version AngularJS uses this layout?
    Hello Sir , Is there any way to convert gulp project in simple html css and angularJs (d3 ,rickshaw etc ) format ?
    Is there here somebody can help me?
    I've just purchased Singapp theme, and I would need some help
    Koutli Maria
    Hello! I am using angular material dashboard "panel-widget" and a tooltip keeps showing up which has the title of the panel as text. Does anyone know how I could remove this?
    Thank you.
    Hello! I made this version of the project for Spring Boot. https://github.com/azamoras/spring-boot-flatlogic-angular-material-dashboard
    Great work !
    Thank you