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Fabien Bourgeois
I'm not sure it is here. Gitter was the official channel until Telegram. There a few active people here now.
maybe some one should edit the flectrahq page an link to it ;)
Matthew Longfield
@Hackbard you may want to install and experiment with the 'Rest API for Flectra' module - vs using XMLRPC or JSON-RPC. Unless you already have a codebase in PHP for doing what you want. My 2cents
we are using the rest api module right now :)
but we want to try the json/xml rpc too
Fabien Bourgeois
RPC offers more but is less generic, depends on your needs so.
Hello, How can i configure Mailgun for Outgoing mail server
@parthivgls I have installed Flectra 1.6 in Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Linode VPS Server). When I have try to configure outgoing mail server then It's take loading and give error like Connection Test Failed! Here is what we got instead:
timed out
I am getting this error when send mail
SMTPServerDisconnected: please run connect() first
I have set outgoing mail server and test successfully but when I send mail getting error
smtplib.SMTPServerDisconnected: please run connect() first
Reese Jenner

maybe some one should edit the flectrahq page an link to it ;)

Agree. I think Flectra needs more dev team engagement... ghost town.

Hello @everybody ...Sorry for asking something so simple, but I would like to know where I can find a guide on how to install the latest version of flectra. Or alternatively, install an older version and then update it. I am using an EC2 instance on AWS with Ubuntu 18. Thanks
@IngMERS_twitter I can help you to install Flectra
Hi guys ! Have you same problem of me when installing ? I have "Release is not signed".
On Debian 10
Kale Bulic
I have problem with activating unit of measue in flectra erp free trial version
I just solved it xD,sorry for disturbing
hello, is there an easier way for editing invoice templates in flectra 1.7 just like the report editor in odoo?
hi. is there any documentation on setting up oauth ?
currently we get errors when trying to connect it to keycloak
hello everyone
i am trying to use barcode modules from Flectra Community / stock-logistics-barcode but i am getting this error from the module stock_scanner
AttributeError: module 'flectra.fields' has no attribute 'Serialized'
i have already installed odoo-sentinel in my dev environment
i have also installed base_sparse_field from the app list
does anyone knows how to resolve this?
anyone here who does custom flectra development? We are looking to build some things
yes. Write to my email: tchekulaev7@gmai.com
anyone here from flectrahq.com?
Fabien Bourgeois
You may find some Flectra people on Telegram, as the community has mainly moved there : https://t.me/FlectraCommunityGroup
hmm i dont use proprietary telegram, thats kinda suck
but its suprising noone has replied to contact form or emails to the company for a week
doesnt really give a good impression
(this was regarding paid work)
if someone here does paid dev work for flectra lemme know we may have some projects soon
Matthew Frost
we switched to suitecrm since seems like Flectra has no Commerical support
Hi @ @Yakulu,
How can i fix internal server error even after all are installled ptoperly and flectra is up & running. Tried so many times to resolve, but failed. Thanks.
Fabien Bourgeois
@Sayanthal1_twitter You have to look at the flectra logs to find what fails.
4 replies
As said, community had moved to Telegram, you won't have many replies here.
@realitygaps A little late but, I know two flectra partner which are located in switzerland, for commercial support I highly recommend them.
thanks lieblin will keep in mind for future
we chose against flectra as received no replies for over a month, including from flectra themselves
Hồ Sỹ Quyết
I want to install new module and it had a error.
ERROR erp flectra.modules.registry: Failed to load registry
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/modules/registry.py", line 85, in new
flectra.modules.load_modules(registry._db, force_demo, status, update_module)
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/modules/loading.py", line 414, in load_modules
File "/home/erp/flectra/addons/website/models/ir_model.py", line 175, in _process_end
'website_id': website.id
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/models.py", line 4010, in copy
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/models.py", line 3992, in copy_translations
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/addons/base/ir/ir_translation.py", line 576, in create
record = super(IrTranslation, self.sudo()).create(vals).with_env(self.env)
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/models.py", line 3435, in create
record = self.browse(self._create(old_vals))
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/models.py", line 3588, in _create
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/models.py", line 1055, in _validate_fields
File "/home/erp/flectra/flectra/addons/base/ir/ir_translation.py", line 572, in _checkvalue
raise ValidationError(
("Translation is not valid:\n%s") % val)
Matthew Frost
safe to say this chan is dead
Renzo Meister
@mattronix yes, please switch to the flectra group on telegram. There is a wild communication ;-)
Sidnei Baumgartenn
Which version of Odoo corresponds to Flectra?
Fabien Bourgeois
Odoo 11 for Flectra 1, Odoo 14 for Flectra 2
Jeffery CHEN Fan
here have any guide for odoo used in process manufacturing .. thanks,
Warwick Bruce Chapman
Is Flectra dead?
DMP Lakshitha Sandaruwan
I have created and validate few unpaid leaves.
But less than 6 hours unpaid leaves not calculate in the payslip. Even not display in payslip inputs.
But I want to change it.
How to do it?
flectra 1.6