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farzad babamiri

I want to create a user with the following code
The code runs without error and I get the user code
But when I login I got this message “the password is incorrect”
Can anyone help me or tell me what’s wrong with my code?

import xmlrpclib
url = "http://localhost:7073"
db = "db1"
username = 'admin'
password = 'admin'
common = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('{}/xmlrpc/2/common'.format(url))
uid = common.authenticate(db, username, password, {})
models = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('{}/xmlrpc/2/object'.format(url))
user_id = models.execute_kw(db, uid, password, 'res.users', 'create', [{'name':"test", 'login':'test@gmail','company_ids':[1],'company_id':1, 'new_password':'welcome1'}])
print user_id

Thomas Winteler
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@babamiri seams you give a clear password instead of a crypted...
HI all !
how to pass values on form to ir.action.client ?
Jin-Kang Cheng
hi all... any1 here successfully installed flectra community plugins? i try to copy it to addons folder but not seem to work... i use deb installer, and trying to get pos loyalty to work...
Florian Keil
Hello Guys,
does anyone know for a list of rights behind the ACL Roles ? I cant find sth what fits.
Hello, i update an external module 'Clever All In One Report Templates' and installed in flectra 1.6. we no issue. All flectra work well module included but i lose 'web_settings_dashboard.main'. and all technical menu. Some body have an idea ?

Guys.. some reason I am unable to login as admin user now.. Normal users can login but I keep seeing this in the log and it bounces back with wrong password (which is right password)

2020-01-28 20:35:00,848 1 WARNING mycompany root: Remote with ip could not be found
2020-01-28 20:35:04,861 1 WARNING mycompany root: Remote with ip could not be found
2020-01-28 20:35:04,942 1 INFO mycompany flectra.addons.base.res.res_users: Login failed for db:mycompany from

What does remote with ip mean ? Did I some how blacklist myself from access ?
Kok Wai Gie
Has anyone managed to configure flectra incoming and outgoing email using Gmail's imap/pop3?
Any update on flectra mobile apps?

@parthivgls @tonyanytime

Any update on flectra mobile apps?

Matthew Longfield
Can anyone tell me how to override the startup behavior for the flectrahq/flectra docker image? Flectra launches with this (from ps -ax | grep flectra) "python3 /opt/flectra/flectra-bin --db_host db --db_port 5432 --db_user flectra --db_password flectra" what I actually need to do is supply the config file when it launches, but I can't stop flectra-bin with kill and I don't know how it gets started in the first place. service flectra stop has no effect
Matthew Longfield

I was ultimately able to do a workaround to get the --config added to flectra-bin startup.
I modified the /opt/flectra/ file in the running container and commented out the existing exec lines and added the override. I’m not very good at shell scripting and it’s probably a hack, but it get’s the job done, and hopefully points someone with a similar issue in the right direction

case “$1” in
– | flectra)
if [[ “$1” == “scaffold” ]] ; then
exec /opt/flectra/flectra-bin “$@”
exec /opt/flectra/flectra-bin --config /etc/flectra/flectra.conf --logfile /var/log/flectra/flectra-server.log
exec /opt/flectra/flectra-bin --config /etc/flectra/flectra.conf --logfile /var/log/flectra/flectra-server.log
exec “$@”

exit 1

Yadav Lamichhane
Hello! I am having issue while integrating a custom module in dockerized flectra. Basically I mounted the custom module directory to the /mnt/extra-addoons of a container. Then I updated the application list which should be added into it but I am out of luck. If you guys have any idea regarding this, it would be quite helpful.
Matthew Longfield
@omegazyadav all the docker images I've seen so far for flectra don't read a config file in /etc/flectra/flectra.conf and use a default plugin folder of /opt/flectra/flectra/addons - you' might have to either adjust the like I discussed just previous to your post to point to a config file that you can modify to include the /mnt/extra-addons path, or put your plugin in the /opt/flectra/flectra/addons folder - I generally use 'docker exec -u0 -it flectra-container-name /bin/bash' to shell into the container and then use 'ps -ax | grep flectra' to see what was passed to the command that started the flectra service. hopefully this helps - other more experienced folks please pipe in if you have a better way.
Yadav Lamichhane
This is more than enough, now I am able to solve the issue either way that you have pointed. Thanks a bunch @matthewlongfield
hi there, i'm pretty new to flectra. Can i deactivate the demo data when i install a addon?
When i start flectra the first time, it installs the demo data and i have no database configurator to uncheck it
Hi there
how can i use the xmlrpc? i have a clean install of flectra and want to use the xml rpc but i can not call the /start point as mentioned in the documentation
my flectra version 1.6.4
hope someone can help
Fabien Bourgeois
Matthew Longfield
@Hackbard the biggest and most important thing you need to do to make it work is to make sure the config file specified in your -c setting has the correct value in dbfilter - if the database is named flectra then the below should work - also doublecheck db_host, db_name & db_password. After restarting the server with these new config values you should be able to connect with Postman or cURL. My sample config file to follow
addons_path = /opt/flectra/flectra/addons
admin_passwd = admin
app_store = install
backup = False
backup_zip = False
csv_internal_sep = ,
data_dir = /opt/flectra/.local/share/Flectra
db_host = db
db_maxconn = 64
db_name = flectra
db_password = flectra
db_port = 5432
db_sslmode = prefer
db_template = template1
db_user = flectra
dbfilter = flectra
demo = {}
destination = False
email_from = False
geoip_database = /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoLite2-City.mmdb
http_enable = True
http_interface =
http_port = 7073
import_partial =
limit_memory_hard = 2684354560
limit_memory_soft = 2147483648
limit_request = 8192
limit_time_cpu = 60
limit_time_real = 120
limit_time_real_cron = -1
list_db = True
log_db = False
log_db_level = warning
log_handler = :INFO
log_level = info
logfile = /var/log/flectra/flectra-server.log
logrotate = True
longpolling_port = 7072
max_cron_threads = 2
osv_memory_age_limit = 1.0
osv_memory_count_limit = False
pg_path = None
pidfile = None
proxy_mode = True
reportgz = False
restore = False
restore_zip = False
server_wide_modules = web
smtp_password = False
smtp_port = 25
smtp_server = localhost
smtp_ssl = False
smtp_user = False
syslog = False
test_commit = False
test_enable = False
test_file = False
test_report_directory = False
translate_modules = ['all']
unaccent = False
without_demo = False
workers = 0
great thank you ;)
is /start just a point for the demo flectra?
Matthew Longfield
I don't know where you're getting /start from. I'm sending a python example that might help you get a bead on a simple connection test

import xmlrpc.client as xmlrpclib

username = 'admin' #the user
password = 'admin' #the password of the user
db = 'flectra' #the database
url = ''

common = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('{}/xmlrpc/2/common'.format(url))
print (common.version())

uid = common.authenticate(db, username, password, {})

models = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('{}/xmlrpc/2/object'.format(url))

print (models.execute_kw(db, uid, password,
'res.users', 'check_access_rights',
['read'], {'raise_exception': False}))

Fabien Bourgeois
If you want to use XMLRPC from Python, you may use the library OdooRPC, which make things seamlessly
great hin thanks you all.
yeah start was confusing. got it from the flectra docs ;)
is there a list with changes to odoo? flectra was a fork of odoo 11 or?
Fabien Bourgeois
nice, sorry for some dump questions. i only worked with python for some crawlers ;) just coding 16 years with php :P
and the way to find things in the documentation is sometimes a little bit hard.
Fabien Bourgeois
Not a simple move indeed ;)
but i'm verry happy that someone is answering here ;)
Fabien Bourgeois
Please note that there are more people on the Telegram channel
oh ... where was that mentioned?
Fabien Bourgeois
I'm not sure it is here. Gitter was the official channel until Telegram. There a few active people here now.
maybe some one should edit the flectrahq page an link to it ;)
Matthew Longfield
@Hackbard you may want to install and experiment with the 'Rest API for Flectra' module - vs using XMLRPC or JSON-RPC. Unless you already have a codebase in PHP for doing what you want. My 2cents
we are using the rest api module right now :)
but we want to try the json/xml rpc too
Fabien Bourgeois
RPC offers more but is less generic, depends on your needs so.
Hello, How can i configure Mailgun for Outgoing mail server