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Repo info
    Yogesh Ojha

    Where to edit this line?

    <com.github.florent37.materialviewpager.MaterialViewPager` ... app:hideToolbarAndTitle="false" ... />

    Jan Frederick Eick
    my RecyclerView is somehow rendered behind the Header :(
    Yogesh Ojha
    can any one tell me what wrong I did here? http://m.ctrlv.in/580509
    there is a bug in the tutorial. you write "mViewPager.setAdapter() ....." which is wrong. Correctly it should be: "mViewPager.getViewPager().setAdapter()".
    Hi, seriously I'm a noon, I tried to compile this library on my Android Studio, and I can't see any preview, which API should I begin with? Sorry for my noobness.
    Arnav Gupta
    Is there any way where I can hide the toolbar but the tabs remain visible ?
    (When I scroll up)
    Florent Love your tool. How can i use it with a navigation drawer and also filling the cards with data from a remote sever using recyclview with pull to refresh as well as endless scroll. Am a noob so if you show some sample code or point me to article. Thanks
    This message was deleted
    Is it normal that I can not compile : Failed to resolve: com.github.florent37:materialviewpager:
    Yogesh Ojha
    @willysharp5 found the tutorial? Even I am noob, help me plz :smile:
    How to handle the back button from the view pager fragment
    @lokeshsuhas just override the activity's onBackPressed and notify the fragment via an interface and perform fragment specific task. this is not library-related question fyi
    @willysharp5 @yogeshojha the library is compatible with any material drawer library...recycler view remote loading can be done similarly like list view and grid view by renotifying the adapter with notifydatachanged() after repopulating the adapter's data after the server call. As for endless scroll you can read by googling recyclerview endless scrolling. your side questions did not meet the purpose of this channel fyi
    This message was deleted
    Ankita Singh
    hey can any1 plz help me out
    everythng is working fine bt on clcik of sidedrawer icon my sidedrawer doesnt open
    plzzz hellppppp me its urgent
    @quentin41500 Hi I added buttons in the header too. However, there is one issue, the button is clickable (at the same location) even after the header is gone after scrolling. Do you encounter the same issue?
    hello guys! So here is a list of found bugs in the demo application:
    1. On orientation change, the logo dissapear
    2. On RecyclerViewFragment scroll if you scroll down and swipe a little to the right, the tabs titles appear only as text, no background
    3. All placed buttons in the header as clickable even if you scroll down (invisible, but if you click on same location ... the buttons are active)
    4. The navigation drawer is not working on home button click. It works only if you drag it from left to right.
    Florent CHAMPIGNY
    Oh thanks fort that list, I didn't saw them. I'll try to fix them quickly ;)
    Thank you! I wish I was able to help you, but I'm a beginner :| but time passes quick and knowledge comes fast :)
    any idea how to display multiple cardviews on screen? For example if I'm in landscape, I have enough space for 2. For tablets ... even more
    Quentin Colle
    @hongzhou85 no I don't !
    @florent37 thanks for demo app update. One more thing, for sliding menu the title is still clickable :)
    also @florent37 please tell me what is the best way to implement multiple cardviews on landscape for bigger screens or any orientation on tablets. Should I use a gridview? I don't want you to make the example for me, I want to make it myself :) I need just an advice. thanks again
    Florent CHAMPIGNY

    hi for the sliding menu, just have to set the drawer layout an onClickListener, and it's done :)

    You can use recyclerView with a GridLayoutManager to display multiple cardsview on landcape :)

    if you want to use with MaterialViewPager, use new RecyclerViewMaterialAdapter(adapter, NUMBER_OF_CELL_PER_LINE)
    ok, thanks a lot
    @florent37 : , It is fantastic library, which we are using. Here, I am facing one major issue is that, a gap observed while swiping the tabs ie screen is not refreshing properly. How can i make screen refresh between the swipes. It would be highly obliged, if anyone help in this regard.
    hamid jafari
    hi guys
    i have a problem with eclipse
    i've downloaded "materialviewpager-1.1.1-sources.jar" from repo and add it to libs folder in eclipse
    but adt say unbound prefix on "<com.github.florent37.materialviewpager.MaterialViewPager"
    in my activity-main xml file
    how can i fix that?
    Hi All,
    I have a problem of refreshing the material view header on page swipe. is any one help in this regard?.
    MaterialViewPager onresume scroll top please help me
    Sorry my english bad
    @florent37 give me an advice how to implement pull to refresh please :)
    nwm I made it, Thanks!
    It seams is not working :)) @florent37 can you help me with this one? When I try to implement android.support.v4.widget.SwipeRefreshLayout on top of android.support.v4.widget.DrawerLayout if I scroll down and after I want to scroll up ... is not working and the refresh appears. How can I make this work only if you are on top of the list and try to pull to refresh?
    Is like the header is on top of refresh animation if I previous scroll down. If I don't scroll cards at all I can see the animation
    Mert Şimşek
    when i scroll up little bit faster, tab texts and header text disappear. Anyone had that problem?
    Rohit Tigga
    How do I add this library to my project?
    @rrtigga Assuming that you are using Android Studio, you should add a dependency in your build.gradle file as is described here