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Repo info
    pls help me out
    Kumar Ravi
    Hi friends, How can i add onClicklistner on small card view in this library, normal listener adding is not working :( please help
    @geetak1997 was your problem solve..?
    i am getting this error Error:(3, 0) Cause: org/gradle/api/publication/maven/internal/DefaultMavenFactory
    <a href="openFile">Open File</a>
    can have solution
    Error:(2, 0) Cause: org/gradle/api/publication/maven/internal/DefaultMavenFactory
    how to solve it
    i was import module material-dialogs:'s two file commons and core
    apply plugin: 'com.github.dcendents.android-maven'
    giving error on this statement
    hello any one help me i am new in this field i want this view pager but getting many errors so plz guide me
    Hi, May i know how to show empty view in material view pager
    @kumarravisingh Implement View.OnClickListener to your view holder and from the constructor just call the click event,
    Hi, Can anyone help me?
    I'm very new to this stuff
    When i open the build, it dosen't show me tabs... don't know why
    Its all black with the "Material is good" Text
    On the layout image i see it all, the tabs, etc but on the build i don't
    Hi, have someone used the tabs inside another fragment? it does not work for me, the content/recyclerView is on top of the header
    Marek Krupka
    Hello, I use this good library, but I now have problem. I canĀ“t fix position pagertitlestrip after scroll. In this image oi65.tinypic.com/2bnmev.jpg . I changed smaller toolbar and I tried change position of text. Can you say me how I can change it?
    how to make deferent image very tab with transition animation sir ?
    Umm.... Hi, I have a question
    How I import this repository in Android Studio?
    Devesh Khandelwal
    @Choyoungju Do you want to use it in your project or you want to build this library?
    I think I imported sample project successful. It works. I'm studying this source. thx.
    Hi, I am new here. I like and appreciate the material page viewer.I wish to implement it.I imported the project in my android studio 2.1.But I recieved an error message that I am unable to solve.Please can anyone help me ?I am a biginner in android.My final year project require that functionality
    It is an app to locate renting houses.Any suggestion for either the solution or app design is highly welcomed.Thanks.
    error : Error:(3, 0) Cause: org/gradle/api/publication/maven/internal/DefaultMavenFactory
    <a href="openFile:C:\Users\GASPY\Desktop\mobile app\material design swiping tabs\MaterialViewPager-master\materialviewpager\build.gradle">Open File</a>
    Hi! did anyone find out how to set header height in java? I want to put the tab bar right below the image and the ratio of the image is w:h=displaywidth:1.6*displaywidth
    for now, all i can find is to set header in xml with app:viewpager_headerHeight