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Jan 2015
Sebastian Sastre
Jan 15 2015 19:12
@/all we have a new guy making a try to flow :D
everybody please welcome @fvozzi \o/
I'm fixing the linux start scripts so flow can be completely linux friendly
Sebastian Sastre
Jan 15 2015 19:39
@HeSe I have 3 ideas to implement on the legacy IDE that will make it more usable
if they get done will make Helios cry :D
and potentially us to kickass
should be easy, a couple of shortcuts and drag and drop for methods on categories
Sebastian Sastre
Jan 15 2015 20:58
@HeSe do you remember what's the sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy for?
also the install of node with sudo I'll change as it seems to bring a problem
Sebastian Heidbrink
Jan 15 2015 21:16
I think the legacy is the one that makes you get rid for the need of sudo