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    hi guys , how to solve this error , i've stuck in 1 week.

    • What went wrong:
      Circular dependency between the following tasks:
      --- :UnityExport:generateDebugRFile (*)

    (*) - details omitted (listed previously)


    Also, is someone also experiencing this? juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget#281

    Hello Cristian, same issue here .. I tried to use unload in dispose, but when I try to go back to my screen where there is my unity, I am not able to launch it

    Were you able to have the correct behavior ?

    Hi guys
    Hi guys, I have integrated the flutter unity widget in my app and I am facing a problem to unload the unity. @juicycleff are you available to help us to solve this issue. I have tried out the latest version as well as the old versions also, but the problem is same in all of the versions
    Adrien Gannerie
    Hi, guys do we still need to remove vulkan from the Graphics APIs in Unity in the recent versions ?
    Hi Guys I am getting this exception when I try to unload the unity player
    E/.labster.mobil(11979): No implementation found for void com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.nativeApplicationUnload() (tried Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload and Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload)
    E/UnityView(11979): No implementation found for void com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.nativeApplicationUnload() (tried Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload and Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload
    E/.labster.mobil(11979): No implementation found for void com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.nativeApplicationUnload() (tried Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload and Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload)
    E/flutter (11979): [ERROR:flutter/shell/platform/android/platform_view_android_jni_impl.cc(43)] java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for void com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.nativeApplicationUnload() (tried Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload and Java_com_unity3d_player_UnityPlayer_nativeApplicationUnload
    E/flutter (11979): at com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.nativeApplicationUnload(Native Method)
    E/flutter (11979): at com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.unload(Unknown Source:0)
    E/flutter (11979): at com.xraph.plugins.flutterunitywidget.UnityUtils.unload(UnityUtils.java:138)
    E/flutter (11979): at com.xraph.plugins.flutterunitywidget.FlutterUnityViewController.onMethodCall(FlutterUnityViewController.java:192)
    E/flutter (11979): at io.flutter.plugin.common.MethodChannel$IncomingMethodCallHandler.onMessage(MethodChannel.java:233)
    E/flutter (11979): at io.flutter.embedding.engine.dart.DartMessenger.handleMessageFromDart(DartMessenger.java:85)
    E/flutter (11979): at io.flutter.embedding.engine.FlutterJNI.handlePlatformMessage(FlutterJNI.java:692)
    E/flutter (11979): at android.os.MessageQueue.nativePollOnce(Native Method)
    E/flutter (11979): at android.os.MessageQueue.next(MessageQueue.java:336)
    E/flutter (11979): at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:184)
    E/flutter (11979): at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:7817)
    E/flutter (11979): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    E/flutter (11979): at com.android.internal.os.RuntimeInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(RuntimeInit.java:492)
    E/flutter (11979): at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:1027)
    E/flutter (11979):
    F/flutter (11979): [FATAL:flutter/shell/platform/android/platform_view_android_jni_impl.cc(942)] Check failed: CheckException(env).
    E/CRASH (11979): signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -1 (?), fault addr --------
    E/CRASH (11979):
    E/CRASH (11979): Build type 'Release', Scripting Backend 'il2cpp', CPU 'arm64-v8a'
    E/CRASH (11979): Build fingerprint: 'realme/RMX2189/RMX2189:10/QP1A.190711.020/1602319027:user/release-keys'
    E/CRASH (11979): Revision: '0'
    E/CRASH (11979): pid: 11979, tid: 11979, name: .labster.mobile >>> com.labster.mobile <<<
    E/CRASH (11979): x0 0000000000000000 x1 0000000000002ecb x2 0000000000000006 x3 0000007ff0c45990
    E/CRASH (11979): x4 0000000000008000 x5 0000000000008000 x6 0000000000008000 x7 0080000000000000
    E/CRASH (11979): x8 00000000000000f0 x9 00000071f95a8a20 x10 0000000000000000 x11 0000000000000001
    E/CRASH (11979): x12 0000000008d58f98 x13 0000000000000004 x14 0000000000000001 x15 0000452ea313c2f1
    E/CRASH (11979): x16 00000071f9677958 x17 00000071f9655310 x18 0000000000001141 x19 00000000000000ac
    E/CRASH (11979): x20 0000000000002ecb x21 00000000000000b2 x22 0000000000002ecb x23 00000000ffffffff
    E/CRASH (11979): x24 00000071690d2bd8 x25 00000071fa966020 x26 0000000000000002 x27 0000000000000054
    E/CRASH (11979): x28 0000000000000001 x29 0000007ff0c45a40 x30 00000071f9607830
    E/CRASH (11979): sp 0000007ff0c45970 pc 00000071f9607860 pstate 0000000000000000
    Hi! Do you guys know how it would be possible to embed a Unity app into flutter desktop? I couldn't export the unity project as I did for flutter mobile
    Simran Rout
    heyy everyone I am working on Arkit , I wanted to place an object using the longitude and latitude , how can I do that
    Hey everyone. This package looks very interesting. Can someone tell me please what the update frequency is between flutter and unity? Concrete example: I have a 3d model airplane which is flying in unity. I want to pass the controls from flutter to unity, let the movement be calculated and then get the new position data back from unity to flutter. Is this realistic? Is there latency? And what is the frequency of incoming and outgoing data? Thanks for your answers.
    Steven Jr.
    @Tiebo Well I don't think there would be a regular update frequency in flutter. I assume you want to update some info with the flight data from unity in your flutter framework. With unity you can call a flutter function with setstate but that will rebuild your widget. Or you can set up a data stream in flutter which will update "itself" every time unity sends new data. If you want to measure the exact latency you could set up a timer in flutter and measure the time between the incoming unity function calls. Also you will have to keep in mind unity's frame time (Time.deltatime). You can get started with streams here: https://medium.com/flutter-community/flutter-stream-basics-for-beginners-eda23e44e32f
    Steven Jr.
    @simranrout In the example flutter-unity-widget there is an example function how to send data from flutter to unity. If you problem lies in flutter-unity communication. In unity most of the time you just Instantianate(Gamobject, Vector3, Quaternion)
    Ratchapong Prasertchartmora
    Excuse me, how could i download FlutterUnityPackage.unitypackage ?
    I found the link but package is missing :(
    Nick Fisher
    @ratchapongbz_gitlab is that needed on master HEAD? I just ran grep on my (working) iOS folder and couldn't find any reference
    Luis Pulido
    hello! can anyone shed some light on this? juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget#358
    Steven Jr.
    @nosmirck as far as i understand your problem you dont really have to keep the plugin "updated" on all projects. Of course you have to include the package in your pubspec file. Currently there is a unity script that compiles the unity project for the plugin. If you look up the script in the example unity project you will be able to edit to suit it for your needs. In short you have to edit it to compile the project for all of your flutter solutions. This way if you make changes in your unity project you will be able to compile it for all of your flutter programs in one step.
    Luis Pulido
    yeah, the issue is that the project is over 1GB size and there are 7 apps, even versioning control is becoming a nightmare. if we had just one plugin that we can reference from local (path: ../plugin) and in that plugin we have all we need so we just use the widget that'd be great. Also, there the potential that we add more apps to this. That's why it's very important that we have only the plugin locally with the unity project. My idea is keep the unity project in git, the base plugin also in our repo (but we add the unityLibrary in gitignore) and our child flutter projects in independent repos, now, whenever someone works on one of our projects, they just have to clone the unity repo with the base flutter plugin together in one folder at the same level as the project, open the unity project, compile the stuff assets and that's it, if they clone any of the other projects they just need to run it, no need to compile anything else, it should work out of the box
    Bogdan Orzea

    Hello, is the plugin broken for iOS on version 4.1.0-null-safe? There are multiple reports with build issues for iOS: juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget#373

    Can someone please help to solve with this issue?

    Bogdan Orzea
    ^^^ For the above problem, once the flutter-unity-view is integrated into your project you can never use that Flutter app in an iOS simulator: juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget#188
    Can this project be used to open 3D files like IFC or DWG?
    Sameer Kashyap
    How can I use object Urls from a database in AR core? and what file formats? has anyone successfully implemented this? please ping me, I need some urgent help for an important project !!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Nguyễn Đức Thắng
    I'm facing this issues pls help me :(
    AndroidJavaExeception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.unit3d.plugin.UnityAndroidPermission
    Egor Gumenyuk
    Hey guys,
    My unity app doesn't receive inputs, i'ts wrapped in MaterialApp -> SafeArea -> Container -> UnityWidget,
    What could be a possible reason? Couldn't google anything about it
    I mean, taps don't reach unity app
    Egor Gumenyuk
    Egor Gumenyuk
    Even when it's not wrapped in anything
    Egor Gumenyuk
    The problem was with Unity's new input system. The legacy system works as expected
    Ahmad Fazeli
    hi guys how are you
    how disable UnityWidget gesturerecognizer
    this touch not worked conflict by gesturerecognizer flutter
    Hello, I cannot seem to get the github example to 'export to Android' when i update the unity project to Unity 2020. I get a DirectoryNotFoundException. Any knows how to get it to work?
    Roman Ivanicky
    Seems there is a global touch issue (multiple issues in git already), but still no response on my report here:
    Nobody cares anymore?
    Hey guys, I'm unable to integrate plugins into my project (When the plugin is configured inside Unity). Has anyone managed to do it?
    Sébastien Atoch
    Is there support for multiple scenes in Flutter-Unity ? Ideally I would like to be able to choose what "unity export" I want to appear in the UnityWidget.
    Sébastien Atoch
    Hi, I am building the android apk but build failed. this is the error log: Type io.flutter.plugins.GeneratedPluginRegistrant is defined multiple times:
    1 reply
    anyone have ideas or facing the same issue
    Is it ever gonna be available for desktop, if its even possible?
    Jehoshaphat I. Abu


    I built an APK in Unity 2020.3 LTS successfully, and run the app on my phone. It showed the scene, as expected. But, after exporting the same Android to be built in Flutter using the plugin in Unity, the Flutter project builds successfully, but the resulting page is just white(Blank without showing any object or even rendering the Unity scene) when the app is run on the phone. Even the communication from Unity that's supposed to show in the log, when my scene is loaded to Flutter isn't showing any of the messages in onUnitySceneLoaded(SceneLoaded sceneInfo).

    Does anyone have ideas or facing the same issue? @juicycleff any idea why this could be happening?

    Thank you for your time.

    Nilesh Payghan
    What flutter code yiu are using ? I have made game in unity and exported to flutter. There were some issues but everything worked fine
    Jehoshaphat I. Abu
    Thank you for responding @NileshTech. I'm using the sample code(the one with cube rotation)
    Hi All
    @juicycleff Hi,
    I am unable to quit unity screen and go back to Flutter native screen . Unity screen is always in background. Is it possible to kill unit scene . And I want to go back to native screen.
    Any suggestions on this issue?
    Rebar Ahmad
    Can someone tell me how to use: gestureRecognizers?! I just want to implement a pinch-to-zoom function
    Matteo Ricupero
    Schermata 2021-10-18 alle 09.46.16.png
    Hi guys! I'm trying to build my app on iOS but it fails with these errors. On Android it's all working. Do you have any suggestions?
    I've initially built the app on a mac M1 and now I'm trying in a old macbook Intel but I receive the same errors
    Noah Tatko
    I'm looking for the unitypackage https://raw.githubusercontent.com/juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget/master/scripts/FlutterUnityIntegration-v4.unitypackage - does anyone know where this is? The link has died, and it seems like everyone points to it.