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Hi everyone, Anyone know how to get texture for flutter from media stream in webrtc. Thanks!
Hi Anyone uses a 1-1 video and voice call with flutter?
Any push notifications with background or closed app on mobile with flutter voice and video call ?
Animesh Jain
Hello, I am wondering why RTCPeerConnectionState is missing from the RTCPeerConnection class in the flutter-webrtc implementation. What's the recommended way of checking the connection state in its absence?
Trishant Pahwa
Hello guys
I know you all are busy. But you can always take some time out to help others.
Please help me with the following
I tried to implement flutter_webrtc plugin in my flutter app
While trying to test it in android
I initialized the localrenderer.
Called the getUserMedia function to generate a stream
And then display the stream on in an widget in flutter using RTCVideoView widget.
But when I test it
Nothing appears until I reload it once
Once reloaded I can view the stream
This would not be possible in production. Can someone suggest me a way without reloading?
Hey, I have ported my fully working flutter mobile webrtc app to flutter web. But the web app does not request for webcam/ mic permission on loading. This is only error i am facing , can anybody help me with this?
hey does the android and ios still screen record using the built in recorders when using flutter-webrtc? I see that screen recording isn't available yet and I am just wondering if that means only in app use case.
John Melody Me
How to I Disable User Media Camera in Flutter WebRTC ?
John Melody Me
it is ok then I fix it myself >>
can anyone help to connect simple-peer on one side and flutter-webrtc on other side??? From one web with simple-peer from other flutter mobile
Trishant Pahwa
Please help me?
How to send the stream
I can get my local stream
Can I connect to peerjs server using flutter webrtc and send the data stream over it?
Please help me?
Trishant Pahwa
Please refer to this issue: flutter-webrtc/flutter-webrtc#425
Rob Weddell
Hi. I realise it's not exactly relevant and a shot in the dark but does anyone have any idea why the same project running on Web would work (published media stream is seen) but on Android the media isn't published (only receives media from Web clients). I am using Janus server too so the problem could be with that - just looking for any ideas whatsoever! Thanks
Jim Raynor
@yonatann ,HI,I saw this great project https://bitbucket.org/yonatannaor/flutter_mediasoup/src/master/ has not been updated since 2020-05-24, I would like to ask if it is still under development and is there any plan to release it.
Jim Raynor
@zhengxiaochuan-3 thanks for the quick reply. I will look into this.
One more question if you can help me :
this code I am using for the Media soup server is that correct? and will it work with this => https://bitbucket.org/yonatannaor/flutter_mediasoup/src/master/
Jim Raynor
So this https://github.com/versatica/mediasoup code i can put on Google cloud platform?
Jim Raynor
yes @Ajaymishra_gitlab
Thanks @zhengxiaochuan-3 then how can i connect that server with https://bitbucket.org/yonatannaor/flutter_mediasoup/src/master/ this. any suggestion?
Hello, intelligent expert minds, can some one send me video conference code using dart-sip-ua flutter library. https://github.com/cloudwebrtc/dart-sip-ua
also can some once send me code to convert audio call to video call using dart-sip-ua , flutter :) https://github.com/cloudwebrtc/dart-sip-ua
Hello. I have issues with the webrtc-flutter-demo which is in general working good. I created a question in stackoverflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65686480/webrtc-in-flutter-remote-video-not-working-android-chrome
Can somebody help me?
Arnav Bansal
Hi! Are there any docs for the flutter-webrtc plugin? Or will we have to figure it out using the example. Also is there example that tells how you can make the server using javascript and not go?
@ArnavBansal11 as far as I can tell you have to figure this out based on example apps, but I’ve just started with this plugin so don’t relay on my opinion.
About server - I came across Node.js server if that’s satisfying
Here: https://suragch.medium.com/minimal-client-server-example-for-flutter-and-node-js-3e1b376f1093
Hey guys, I have a question regarding receiving and answering calls. In the demo, when someone calls us, video call starts immediately. I see in the call_sample.dart file there are multiple CallStates, like CallStateInvite, CallStateRinging. I was not able to make use of these functionalities. Any help or direction on how to use these would be great. Thanks.
Taehyun Park
Hello guys, does anyone implements negotiationNeeded?
Taehyun Park
I am trying to implement onNegotiationNeeded as this example says (https://w3c.github.io/webrtc-pc/#perfect-negotiation-example) but having some problems. As of now we can't rollback our local session description because the official webrtc build hasn't been updated. What is a recommended way to implement this without SDP type, rollback?
Guys, I am new here. This topic may have been beaten to death already. I am looking to integrate audio conference (no video). Agora APIs look pretty good, but costs. I am looking to deploy Janus WebRTC server. Can webrtc-flutter be used with janus server?
I wonder, is there any documentation for https://github.com/flutter-webrtc ?
You'd better file an issue
Varun Vasista Kusuma
This would not be possible in production. Can someone suggest me a way without reloading?
did you solve this?