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Varun Vasista Kusuma
@cloudwebrtc how to make rtcvideorender both local video and remote video full screen like we have in WhatsApp can you please guide me I have tried everything but video remains in the Center but it doesn’t expand to full screen
Hi guys, is there any tutorial guide on how to implement WebRTC with Flutter ?
Hitesh Joshi

Guys, sometimes I get this

-[FlutterWebRTCPlugin getUserMedia:result:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x28181cd20'

While trying to getUserMedia . I have made sure the arguments passed are good. Any suggestion?

Hitesh Joshi
After debugging a bit. I got this.
No visible @interface for 'FlutterWebRTCPlugin' declares the selector 'addTarget:getUserMedia:result:'
Kushankur Das
@cloudwebrtc how do i connect with my own signalling server
Min T. Wai
Hi guys,
I want to do server-side recording using a media server with webrtc, but I don't know which media server to choose to be compatible with flutter_webrtc.
I have found some options, but those are quite complicated to set up, and not enough examples.
Can you guys give me any suggestions?
Ashwin Prasad
Hey guys, is there any way I can send both data and media on the same channel? Or should I always use two separate channels for the two?
1 reply
Ashwin Prasad
I can't figure how to send data using a DataChannel while a video call is going on. Argh. AFAIK, I shouldn't create another channel
Varun Vasista Kusuma

I can't figure how to send data using a DataChannel while a video call is going on. Argh. AFAIK, I shouldn't create another channel

hey ashwin even im looking for this please let me know if you found any solution

Ashwin Prasad
Im still looking for a solution. I'll just use the signaling server to relay the data too, at this point
WebSocket wss:// closed
hey guys i'm new in flutter and i got an exception websocket closed
Hey guys. I am trying to run the example folder using flutter web. But the app automatically crashed on the getusermedia function right after I click "accept" on the camera permission. Any ideaq?
hey buddy , i got a problem "Cause: User Denied Media Access" if you know how to solve this then please reply i'm waiting your valuable comments.
Thank ,
Hey guys.
I am using the go server for flutter wertc but i am only able to connect through LAN. I know it requires TURN server configuration. But there is already a TURN server in this repos go server implementation. What am i doing wrong here?, please guide me. Thank you.

@alimhaq I have developed another version of flutter-webrtc-server, using golang with built-in turn/stun server. I think the new version is more suitable for deployment in a production environment.

I can still see "This example can only be used for LAN testing. If you need to use it in a production environment, you need more testing and and deploy an available turn server." in this repo .Is this the new version which you have mentioned?


Hey guys.
I am using the go server for flutter wertc but i am only able to connect through LAN. I know it requires TURN server configuration. But there is already a TURN server in this repos go server implementation. What am i doing wrong here?, please guide me. Thank you.

I am also stuck at something like this.
The demo flutter app and go server is working perfectly in the LAN.
But I am not getting any Video feed when using a Remote server.
I see that you have implemented TURN in your server implementation. Please let me know what I should be doing to make it work with a remote server.

I've replaced loopback address with my public IP address in the conf.ini and turn.go file
What else I should be doing...?
Hardik Kumbhani
Hello, I want to integrate voice call facility through webrtc, so is it possible with flutter_webrtc?
hi guys
anyone have any idea , which sfu can be integreate with flutter?
Hi, I would like to stream a custom video/mediastream, instead of the direct camera feed. Wondering whether its possible to do something similar to canvas capture stream ( to stream a flutter UI widget. I used getDisplayMedia, but it streams the entire screen. Instead I want to stream a ARcore widget.
Hi, I am new in flutter-webrtc. I tried to run the flutter web-rtc-server on your local machine, but when a run server-windows-i386.exe I got the error "2020-05-14T00:45:47-03:00 ERR Fail to read file: open configs/config.ini: The system cannot find the path specified." Could help me? Tks
Sorry people. I think it worked. "C:\flutter-webrtc-server>.\bin\server-windows-amd64.exe
2020-05-14T01:30:19-03:00 INF Flutter WebRTC Server listening on:" But when I try access the page is not fount (ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID). any tips?
Hi Team,
Hi Team, new to flutter webrtc. Need some help! ---> 1- for production, where should i deploy the flutter webrtc, i mean is there any specific on this? Any idea on conference video call set up.. any lead will help
Hi guys , trying to create a peer to peer video call that works publicly . using firebase as a server . now I used node.js (npm) to deploy the demo ( to firebase . but then it requests another server ,probably that one (, I thought that I made a server with firebase , but apparently I need one more ? can someone explain it to me ? all I want to do right now is a peer to peer , one room , nothing fancy. thanks
anyone successfulle added with mediasoup?
Varun Kumar Madupu

Hi All , i am new to webrtc concepts . I am working on project . I am trying P2P call sample .App is working fine on my Android device . But i am facing following error on Chrome browser and macos application .

Error: Unable to getUserMedia: NotAllowedError: Permission denied by system at Object.throw_ [as throw] (http://localhost:64244/dart_sdk.js:4459:11) at getUserMedia (http://localhost:64244/packages/flutter_webrtc/web/get_user_media.dart.lib.js:44:21)

can anybody help what setting that should be done on my macbook ?

Varun Kumar Madupu
I am able to get the user media details when i am using the demo host but in my localhost if am connecting to same demo derver i am facing the issue . i am facing the above error.
hope dart-sip-ua questions are OK here, I couldn't find a room for it. I'm trying to debug a strange issue with SIPUAHelper. I need to create several of them, because my software needs to act as a user agent for several SIP identities. However, they seem to share state in unpredictable ways. I had a look through the source code for misuse of static and couldn't find any. An example of the issue is, if I create 5 SIPUAHelpers, each with different uri, authorizationUser and password, the REGISTER request sent by all of them has the same From header and username field in the Authorization header, corresponding to the authorizationUser of the last SIPUAHelper I created. It's as if the authorizationUser is stored in a static somewhere and consequently incorrectly used for all SIPUAHelper instances, but I can't find where.
I am trying to build a app where i am using wowza live stream platform to stream live classes . in app how capture live video
any help ?
never mind, found the issue - there's a global Settings instance in config.dart which was causing config to be shared between multiple UA instances. I'll send a PR
Kubilay Cakmak
Hello everyone! I just got there is webrtc on flutter by awesome people. Firstly thank you for package to share with us. I have one question, I want to use jitsi for meeting on flutter application but i heard ion is doing same thing as jitsi, is it right?
@kubilaycakmak_gitlab similar goals. jitsi is a lot more mature
Hi All, Hope you all are safe
@cloudwebrtc I am a developer new to webRTC and trying to use the flutter_webrtc package, unfortunately, I couldn't understand how to utilize it. I would be thankful if someone can help me and explain (in Skype or Webex ) how I can utilize this package. I am ready to pay for this consultation if it is possible.
Kubilay Cakmak
@jbg Thank you.
Sidney Mac
Hi , i am trying to create a chat module app using flutter_webrtc, cant seem to wrap my head around it. is there any tutorial, or someone who can help me get started. Thanks
I am not sure if this is a right platform to post this request. I am looking for a part time job on flutter projects, webrtc related or anyother, are fine with me...I am in a need of work... thanks!!
@tapankparida a good platform might be one where you didn't just post a fairly beginner question in the field you're looking for work in :P
@lucianobrunes Did you resolve the issue?
Hi everyone, I am trying to experiment with flutter and Ant media server. I want to do really simple thing.. someone stream and one or more can watch stream. Is there any simple way to start from I have all API but I dont know really how to start still new with Flutter :) Thanks
Hi, I have a problem with multipeer rooms, when too much peer join, application crash: cloudwebrtc/flutter-webrtc#267