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I have food delivery app and I want the user to click just a button and the address field be filled automatically
Eric Martineau
@nassimbjf I've had good luck with the google places api from google-maps-webservice - this assumes that you have lat/lng coordinates already:
Future<PlacesSearchResponse> searchNearbyWithRadius(
    Location location,
    num radius, {
    String type,
    String keyword,
    String language,
    PriceLevel minprice,
    PriceLevel maxprice,
    String name,
    String pagetoken,
Marián Mižik
hello. is https://github.com/dart-lang/reflectable compatible with flutter web?
Vimal Mistry
Screenshot 2019-12-12 at 2.24.50 AM.png
I am facing this error after flutter upgrade
I am not using desktop app or web. Please anyone??
I want to add a button like this one: https://imgur.com/a/7XF3WLy
Vimal Mistry
@nassimbjf InputDecoration -> SuffixIcon
Eric Martineau
@nassimbjf do you need help constructing the UI? Or populating the form with the user's current address?
Eric Martineau
This is pseudo code for how you could handle it. The basic steps are: user taps the location button, you retrieve their current location in lat/lng, and then you run a query to google places to find the address/name of their location. And then finally, you copy any relevant info back into the form
onTap: () async {
  // todo: Display to the user some sort of progress

  // This next line assumes that the user has granted your app 
  // permission to use location services.  You probably need to
  // wrap this code in some sort of check.  Also, this assumes you're 
  // using the 'location' plugin
  final currentLocation = await location.getLocation();

  // Copy the values from current location, and make a call to google api
  final googlePlacesLocation = Location(currentLocation.lat, currentLocation.lng);
  final placesReponse = await places.searchNearbyWithRadius(googlePlacesLocation), 500);

  // Take that response and update your form values
  final street1   = placesResponse...
  streetTextController.text = street1;

@ericmartineau Yes
Does this code will fill the field of address automatically?
Eric Martineau
no. the code I posted isn't actual working code - it's pseudo-code. The last two lines are where you'd update the form fields. But the code assumes that you've already configured a StatefulWidget with a TextEditingControllerfor each field. In the code I posted streetTextController represented the TextEditingController for the Street Address field.
you would have to extract the other address components from placesResponse, and then copy the component, eg. City, Region, Locality, Country, Postal Code into the appropriate TextEditingController

Guys - I’m running Flutter 1.12.13 hf 5 and since upgrading, can no longer build an APK file. I can launch in debug mode in both simulator and device but I can’t build an APK or run with —release.

This is android only issue.

I have migrated a while back to AndroidX and haven’t had any issues whatsoever (even with the plugin listed below).

My gradle.properties is :


I have cleaned, rebuilt, shutdown, removed packages and plugins numerous times.

Issue is a missing resource :

* What went wrong:                                                      
Execution failed for task ':flutter_twitter_login:verifyReleaseResources'.
> 1 exception was raised by workers:                                    
  com.android.builder.internal.aapt.v2.Aapt2Exception: Android resource linking failed
  /demo/build/flutter_twitter_login/intermediates/res/merged/release/values/values.xml:247: error: resource android:attr/**fontVariationSettings not found.**
  /demo/build/flutter_twitter_login/intermediates/res/merged/release/values/values.xml:248: error: resource android:attr/**ttcIndex not found.**
  error: failed linking references.

Anyone experienced this and know of a solution ?

Can the distance between the cursor and ICON be set?
i cant in
I/flutter (12510): null
I/flutter (12510): {status: false, statusMsg: Full authentication is required to access this resource, errorCode: 7, result: null}
I/flutter (12510): {status: false, statusMsg: Full authentication is required to access this resource, errorCode: 7, result: null}
E/flutter (12510): [ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/ui_dart_state.cc(148)] Unhandled Exception: {status: false, statusMsg: Full authentication is required to access this resource, errorCode: 7, result: null}
E/flutter (12510): null
how to create live streaming or video call in flutter app
Manthan Gupta
Hey ! Has anyone used any cloud service to deploy backend for their flutter app?
Dhaval Parmar
@vimalmistry @FlutterGurl_twitter
I'm not sure but did you tired flutter cache repair and/or flutter clean?
Maybe it can help, Just a thought :thought_balloon:
thanks flutter family
@vertxspring thanks u
Hi guys,
I have a main Widget screen M which builds with a PageView that has as children 2 other views A and B.
how can I pass data from A/B to M?
Hi guys, I have a question about the Dart_invoke(), does this call can run in my thread, not the main isolate thread?
Hi guys, I have a question about the Dart_invoke(), does this call can run in my thread, not the main isolate thread?
Hi guys, I have a question about the Dart_invoke(), does this call can run in my thread, not the main isolate thread?
Boby Kurniawan
Has anyone tried the Bluetooth plug-in, it won't work, but I won't andorid. https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_blue
Muhindo Mubaraka
Anyone to help me solve this please
            showSearch(context: context, delegate: DataSearch());
Navigator operation requested with a context that does not include a Navigator.
Tudor Prodan
anybode else has this issue?
@iut-cse-4301-mubahood We'd need to see where you are calling it (so all the relevant code)
Hello room! I'm a novice programmer hoping to soak up some knowledge!
Gerry Albert Buala
@tudor07 Hey, I saw your comment in github. I just want to ask if you have solved this issue? https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/21541#issuecomment-547465560
where hi
Randal L. Schwartz
Got some Flutter news into my open source podcast yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IWc_mg5T9E from 35:45 to 46:20)
Kabocha 🍈

weighing Flutter to use for our startup's initial app/web development, questions:

  1. while Android/iOS seem to be well supported, is it risky to assume web support is even close to stable
  2. is Dart closely related to any other language that we can hire developers to easily transfer their knowledge w/out too much overhead? I'm concerned about high cost of speciality Dart devs
  3. our back-end is being developed in Node.js + PostgreSQL, where I'll assume a normal API framework between our Flutter apps and our back-end is sufficient
  4. our app will require full offline mode support, as our users will need to be able to view media store on local cache. is that an issue with Flutter at all?
  5. is in app-purchases well supported?
  6. we're weighing Flutter vs. React Native (I'm not a fan of RN, but the dev community is larger which means cost per developer is lower). I'm concerned about economies of scale with Flutter, any really truthful insights into cost of going with Flutter / Dart?

thank you very much.

Marián Mižik
  1. web is beta since this week. we use it for production apps for internal company use and it is ok so far.
  2. dart is close to any java like language. (java, C#, javascript, kotlin...)
  3. well, in case of standard client-server arhictecture it doesn't really matter what technology is used for your backend implementation if it does provide some sort of web or rest api to your frontend (flutter) apps.
  4. both ios and android has native sqlite support. flutter has a plugin called sqflite that creates an api over these two. it is rock stable and we use it production apps for customers regularly
  5. in app purchases are supported via plugins developer by google and supports both android and ios
  6. i have experience with both RN and Flutter and I would never go back to RN or any other hybrid solution (native script, cordova, ionic...)
Kabocha 🍈
thank you @ethael for the fantastic responses, I'm more confident in moving our dev forward w Flutter. i've used cordova & ionic in the past which has made me apprehensive to hybrid development...
Marián Mižik
@kabochallah_twitter you're welcome. in our case, most of out senior java developers learnt dart for pracitcal development use in 3-5 days. so it shouldn't be much of a problem in case of experienced people which think in paradigms and not in syntax of one language
Randal L. Schwartz
@kabochallah_twitter Flutter is definitely ready for prime time. The pub might be slimmer than for other frameworks, but the gitter community and Stack Overflow are more than sufficient for getting answers.
Kabocha 🍈
great to hear @RandalSchwartz , we're excited to trial
Randal L. Schwartz
And as for the answer to point 6, I don’t even know why that question keeps coming up. Flutter only incidentally happens to be cross-platform, but even if you were building for only one platform, Flutter is likely to win for many reasons (hot reload! compiles completely to fast ARM! total pixel control by not using OEM widgets! fast!).