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Boby Kurniawan

can we automate, simple apk app in flutter_driver??? Please help me regarding this...


It seems like, no one has answer of this question...

it's easily answered with google, which is probably why you don't get an answer here
(similar to most questions asked in this channel tbh)
@gyanendrapmca I believe that people here use this channel like github, where the discussing is about issues with flutter, or questions with more complexity. Perhaps its better to create a channel for any level of subjects about Flutter.
I just want to make an Easy photo editor app can anyone help me where to start?
is there any package or built-in feature in flutter?
@vahidkarimane read about painter class that might be usable
Any one knows how to solve this:[ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/ui_dart_state.cc(157)] Unhandled Exception: MissingPluginException(No implementation found for method getAppSignature on channel sms_autofill)?
This is packaged based error , read documentation of package
David B
Hi all. A quick question about local networking for having both Android and iOS emulators running side-by-side and connecting to a local backend. Am trying to connect to my backend using this url http://localhost:8080 which didn’t work. So I’ve tried the suggestion setting to but this only works for Android. For iOS what worked is using Is there a way to have a common URL for both running emulators or am default to use my machine network IP? Am just a little bit concerned that I’ll be updating that URL here and then since my IP are set to by dynamic on my hotspot (so no static mapping).
Michael Krasnov
Hi all. I have an architecture question for flutter devs, hope it was not asked before. I am a newbee, so I started creating simple apps with flutter/material.dart. Now, I noticed that StatelessWidget is also imported from this package. Is it intentional? I mean, the StatelessWidget is not a UI widget, certainly not a material widget. Does not make any sense (for me, and my experience is limited, so very possibly I am wrong) that a system-level class is exported from material and not something generic. Is there reasoning behind this?
Sebastian Cheung CQF

Hi not sure what are the differences between Flutter:

Web Server (Web)
macOS (desktop)

as far as I see they are all the same, launching the same thing?

how are they all the same?
flutter macos is native, it doesn't bundle a web browser
Hey I wanted to know where I can get the final apk file for my flutter project , currently I am able to run it on only Debug mode..plz help , Thanks in advance
Please help me out
Ashutosh Chauhan

Hey I wanted to know where I can get the final apk file for my flutter project , currently I am able to run it on only Debug mode..plz help , Thanks in advance

@vishal-mourya run command flutter build apk it will build a release apk in the build/app folder.

@bnayagrawal can you show flutter doctor --verbose ?
I'm trying to do a remote search with SearchDelegate but i don't understand where i can put the request to my server
jagdishsinh jadeja
@Sachin_Mittal98_twitter in your suggestion function
Are charts supported in flutter for Desktop?
Is there any way to play the live video inside the app ? Not from youtube ..live video from other websites
Jakub Szwiec
Hi guys, I'm beginner, I'm coming from native Android development. What's your favorite way to handle networking? I'm considering Chopper and Retrofit, because I like Retrofit on native Android. Do you recommend something better?
Fokam Manuel
@therenca . Yeah charts are supported in flutter. Here's the links to some useful ressources
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwDMwnELTP4 (Flutter Tutorial - Flutter Animated Charts)
I use TextField, when I click it to type, My keyboard disappeared as soon as it appeared
problem solved . use global key
Do you know Flutte for web?
Flutte for web doesn’t have text field
@qbait try using dio its the best for fluttee

hey guys!
Please give me some advice in situation… I’m trying to build and deploy site to firebase hosting. but getting this error: Uncaught Exception: webOnlyScheduleFrameCallback must be initialized first.
My main.dart looks like this:

import 'package:firebase/firebase.dart' as fb;
import 'package:flutter_web_ui/ui.dart' as ui;
import 'package:mc_web_app/main.dart' as app;

main() async {
  try {
        apiKey: "AAA",
        authDomain: "-f206c.firebaseapp.com",
        databaseURL: "https://-f206c.firebaseio.com",
        projectId: "-f206c",
        storageBucket: "-f206c.appspot.com",
        messagingSenderId: "77",
        appId: "1:66:web:00",
        measurementId: "G-B"
    await ui.webOnlyInitializePlatform();
  } on fb.FirebaseJsNotLoadedException catch (e) {

how can I handle this error? Thank you!

Aron Scemama
How do you use SharedPreference for web app, it should be included in the shared_preference package but it’s not working
@ScemamaAron_twitter there is shared_preference_web https://pub.dev/packages/shared_preferences_web
13 replies
Such Is-Life
Hi. I'm trying to fix a widget to the bottom of the screen using the bottom sheet parameter of a scaffold but the resulting widget isn't a bottom sheet at all! It behaves as though it's bound to the same row with contents of the body parameter
Matheus Moraes
Hi guys! Can someone help me with Pedometer? I need to count how many steps a user is taking and how long does it take... I even created a question on Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62130795/pedometer-with-time-flutter I tried to use Pedometer but it isn't working. Can someone give me some advice? Thank you!
@matheus7mm which package are you using?
4 replies
Which you used setState in your startlistening function?
I dont think it is needed
How to save data locally on flutter?
Matheus Moraes
@Aashishm178 you're right. I have put there as a test... But it isn't working anyway...
How can i add more than one items to my result page?
@Ethan4u3_twitter sqflite for sql type database aur shared prefrences
@matheus7mm didnt understand your question
Matheus Moraes
@Aashishm178 when I try the package (pedometer), it doesn't count properly... For example, if I take 1, 2, 3 steps, it doesn't show 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc... It shows like 0 and 5 only. Like if there is a time to update
@matheus7mm i think it is not awiating for the future properly thats why this problem is occuring , try initilazing in the diddependencieschange and use await their and in the function as well
Matheus Moraes
@Aashishm178 How can I put it?