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BackSlash Flutter
part 2 login and signup with bloc.png
Flutter & Firebase Auth in BLoC Pattern - Part 2 (Login/Signup and Forgot Password)
Do I right understand that if will be rebuilded widget in which created Provider, then provider object will not be rebuilded together with widget and will not lose data?
Mohsin AR
Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 11.15.17 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 11.14.25 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 11.15.01 PM.png
library management system for desktop app video is coming to my youtube channel please subscribe & bell to get notification when video is ready https://www.youtube.com/codeseekhlo
for source code follow me on github
Johannes Milke
Hello! I have created another video about "Flutter Tutorial - Hot Reload VS Hot Restart [2021]" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RHK_5RTGL8 alt
I really like your videos. keep going
Mohsin AR
how to open separate popup window on flutter desktop ?? macos and windows ?
is there any example on internet please share ??
Hey. I'm building an Laravel API for flutter(Forum with CRUD stuff) and I would like to receive some advice on how to structure an flutter app? It's my first time doing a mobile app and I have no ideia on how should I separate the folders/classes. I'm looking for a easy solution
In a few articles I saw people making a folder for "Screens" and another for "Widgets". Why is that? Isn't the "Screens" the UI? So, shouldn't the widgets be there also?
1 reply
help me with this, guys. I can't sign in with an email and password
i really need help
Johannes Milke
Hello! I have created another video about "Flutter Tutorial - Pass Data Back To Previous Screen [2021]" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-JyTMKWzsI alt
The video is good, 视频非常棒
Fred Grott
Hello all, I got bitten by a Flutter Framework error(ListTileThemes), this article detaisl the error and feedback system I use to detect such erors https://fredgrott.medium.com/flutter-frankenstein-broken-error-techniques-798a7f4be75d?sk=ebedada8a1371de9ed9f7f6a59e7af06
Johannes Milke
Hello! I have created another video about "Flutter Tutorial - Add Package From Github [2021]" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWnz_UQlOQ4 alt
Sagar Kava

Learn How to Build a Clubhouse App Clone from Scratch Using in Flutter 30 in Minutes.

In this session, we built a live audio streaming app using flutter and videosdk.live


Trần Văn Hiếu
Hi. I have slider captcha package. Looking forward to receiving the community's ideas and issues for further development.
hi all, Any one can help me about Flutter table_calendar event? I would like to add image to show on event and I tried many time but still not work
This is my first time on this chatting
How can i put code?
child: ValueListenableBuilder<List<Event>>(
valueListenable: selectedEvents,
builder: (context, value,
) {
return ListView.builder(
itemCount: value.length,
itemBuilder: (context, index) {
                  return Container(
                      margin: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
                        horizontal: 12.0,
                        vertical: 4.0,
                      decoration: BoxDecoration(
                        border: Border.all(color: Colors.amber),
                        borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(12.0),

                      child: ListTile(
                          contentPadding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
                              horizontal: 5.0, vertical: 5),
                              20.0, // The horizontal gap between the titles and the leading/trailing widgets.

                          title: Text('${value[index]}',
                              style: const TextStyle(
                                  fontFamily: 'Phetsarath_ot')),
                          leading: Container(
                            width: 80.0,
                            height: 100.0,
                            decoration: BoxDecoration(
                              borderRadius: const BorderRadius.all(
                              image: DecorationImage(
                                  fit: BoxFit.cover,
                                  image: AssetImage(imageList[0])),



final List<String> imageList = [

final kEvents = LinkedHashMap<DateTime, List<Event>>(
equals: isSameDay,
hashCode: getHashCode,

final _kEventSource = {
DateTime.utc(2022, 01, 02): [const Event('ແຮມ 14 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 1')],
DateTime.utc(2022, 01, 10): [const Event('ຂື້ນ 8 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 2')],
DateTime.utc(2022, 01, 17): [const Event('ຂື້ນ 15 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 2')],
DateTime.utc(2022, 01, 25): [const Event('ແຮມ 8 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 2')],
DateTime.utc(2022, 02, 01): [const Event('ແຮມ 15 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 2')],
DateTime.utc(2022, 02, 09): [const Event('ຂື້ນ 8 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 3')],
DateTime.utc(2022, 02, 16): eventlist1602,
DateTime.utc(2022, 02, 24): [const Event('ແຮມ 8 ຄ່ຳ ເດືອນ 3')],

Rakholiya Chirag R
Hello everyone good evening, I have bug on my live project we got error after creating flutter build apk, the app is not supporting Android 6 to 8 version I mean Its required 29 SDK version or greater any one know the this issue ?
Rakholiya Chirag R
Good evening everyone one, I have some issues in my app any on help me with that .
This is my error and gradle link I just changed my appid in paste bin ok
Rakholiya Chirag R
Now error is solved sorry for troubling you
any idea how long can a video decryption take in an app? it takes me 3 mins to decrypt a 65 MB video which is encrypted with aes-cbc. isnt that a long time?
Valk Dokk

hi guys, i have a question about user data collection
i recently got a new assignment from my Intern Team Management to checkout Face ID/Recognition or Biometric Authentication. But he require the project to save and send those facial, image data to the backend.

So my question is: Does Google/Apple allow dev to collect and store user face, fingerprint data to send to the backend server?

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava
Hi , can any one suggest / advise what i am facing in this scenario : not able to receive OTP on internal Test Release , using Firebase for notification
@TheValkDokk I'm sure they love data collection, lel... But, doesn't that depend on Terms and Agreement with the user?
Is there a way I could print the api response after being mapped? I can print the response.body but after mapping and getting the result if I print I can only get "Instance of..."

Is there a way I could print the api response after being mapped? I can print the response.body but after mapping and getting the result if I print I can only get "Instance of..."

got it, inspect


// What is the best way to declare a BaseReponse<T> model that i can parse json?
// Like:
class BaseResponse<T> {
final int code = 0;
final String message = '';
final T? data;

BaseResponse<TestModel> response = await network()
BaseResponse<List<TestModel>> response = await network()

It’s work on BaseResponse<TestModel> but not work on BaseResponse<List<TestModel>>
Neil Jay Warner

good morning. Anyone have any thought son weird build runner issues? [SEVERE] json_serializable:json_serializable on test/widgets/blahblahtest.dart:

Invalid argument(s): Missing library: blahblah_nontest.dart - even though it does exist, has no issues, compiles, and is NOT references in blahblahtest.dart :(

Good morning, Can any one suggest | how to call a async js function from flutter? Example: await js.context.callMethod("getData", []); with getData is JS async function. Thank so much.
I'm trying to integrate the Nodle SDK into my flutter app, it says to configure my Class name in the AndroidManifest.xml (https://developer.nodle.com/nodle-sdk/)
<!-- Put your application class name below -->
whatever I put in there it says it can't find