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Repo info
    I am within a flutter web app and make a http request to an API. It is a PHP script on the same server. The API returns 302 Redirect. How would i redirect the browser to the return destination ?
    I use the dart http package
    Im new to flutter and flutter_web.
    Is there a confirmed way to link the flutter_web apps to firestore?
    Easy to understand version please
    Jonah Williams
    not yet
    Atakan Mert Kaya
    Hm... Does anyone have any idea if it's possible to add an AndroidManifest to your Flutter Web build? I am looking for a way to know how many active firebase notifications my Progressive Web App has and show it in my app.
    does anyone have a accurate getting started with flutter for web? I dont care about flutter for other platforms and preferably wouldnt need to install android studio or any of that other stuff to get started.
    I feel like all the documentation for that had a bunch of steps that may/may not be necessary
    Randal L. Schwartz
    All I had to do for my demo this weekend at Dragocon was flutter channel master; flutter upgrade; flutter create —web project; cd project; flutter run -d chrome
    the long dash is actually two dashes.
    Can’t figure out how to type those properly. :)
    so that’s really all you need. however, keep in mind, flutter for web is only in tech preview.
    and doesn’t have hot reload, just hot restart.
    for development speed, you should use an android or ios emulator so you have hot restart… then the code can be pushed to the web.
    so just pretend as if I was installing stuff purely for android dev
    followign directions
    then flutter create -web project will bootstrap a new web project?
    (I'm fine with it just being a preview at the moment... I'm just trying to get familliar with it)
    @ronnyek also consider some things like icons do not wok 100% yet. Icons for example are not displayed.
    Randal L. Schwartz
    it’s flutter create dash dash web project
    I don’t know how to type that into this gitter desktop yet. :)
    and yes, that will bootstrap it.
    ahh, you also have to enable web projects.
    flutter config dash dash enable-web
    @ronnyek ^^
    flutter config --enable-web
    Priyanka Tyagi
    wondering how can I use FirebaseAuth for flutter_web ?
    is the web target going to be purely like builidng apps for mobile devices but exposed as websites, or is it going to be something you might use to build a high performance web frontend for some apis etc
    Randal L. Schwartz
    I suspect both. Looks like a general-purpose framework.
    excellent, I'm ok with some stuff not working out of the gate today
    Nick Meinhold
    @ptyagicodecamp you can use https://pub.dev/packages/firebase
    Hi, guys. Flutter 1.9.1+hotfix.1 is in Beta Channel, probably the next stable version: https://flutter.dev/docs/development/tools/sdk/releases
    Will it support web project as in master channel?
    Some like
    flutter channel master
    flutter upgrade
    flutter enable-config --web
    flutter create --web PATH/TO/PROJECT
    flutter run -d chrome

    flutter web address


    Will the /# disappear? How do you open your site with parameters?

    currently trying to add my flutter web app to my laravel prject. Added all files to the public folder and call php artisan serve to start the development server
    the flutter app does not load ... "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null"
    someone any idea ?
    main.dart.js:13398 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
        at on.b7 (main.dart.js:32410)
        at on.e_ (main.dart.js:32427)
        at main.dart.js:39914
        at Object.a.<computed> (main.dart.js:27)
        at Object.TI (main.dart.js:7845)
        at main.dart.js:11202
        at Ix.a (main.dart.js:1385)
        at Ix.$2 (main.dart.js:12744)
        at Object.av (main.dart.js:1367)
        at Object.uh (main.dart.js:11209)
    does any one have an example or a guide for how to create plugins for flutter web? thanks!
    @udcode which type do you mean? flutter_web dont support plugins yet, probably never. As for flutter in master/dev channel, it's under develop.
    why probably never?? :(
    @udcode Do you really need to create a plugin ? Or do you want to create a package. Flutter Web supports usage of packages.
    Jacob MacDonald
    @udcode plugins are being worked on but only as a part of the mainline flutter integration for flutter web. The technical preview (ie: the flutter_web package) might not get that because it will be deprecated entirely and replaced by the mainline flutter integration.
    Hello, guys. Does anyone know when the Flutter for Web will be production ready? The FAQ doesn't provide an estimate but does anyone have an idea of how much time will it take?
    There is no information available. I would say in about 6-12 month would be realistic
    Because they looked for companies that want to build a flutter web app. One condition was that the app has to be shipped within 6 to 12 months
    So for the release of flutter web they can present these apps
    Jonathan Rezende
    so I guess google io next year
    Brady Trainor
    Randal suggested looking at burn rate for projects? How do you look for such a thing?