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Dec 2017
Damian Kaczmarek
Dec 07 2017 03:39

hey guys, I'm trying to find out why my fish is starting so slowly:

rush@rushpod: ~ 877ms » time fish --help

       fishfish - the friendly interactive shell

       fish [OPTIONS] [-c command] [FILE [ARGUMENTS...]]

       fish is a command-line shell written mainly with interactive use in mind. The full manual is available in HTML by using the help command from inside fish.

       The following options are available:

       · -c or --command=COMMANDS evaluate the specified commands instead of reading from the commandline

       · -d or --debug-level=DEBUG_LEVEL specify the verbosity level of fish. A higher number means higher verbosity. The default level is 1.

       · -i or --interactive specify that fish is to run in interactive mode

       · -l or --login specify that fish is to run as a login shell

       · -n or --no-execute do not execute any commands, only perform syntax checking

       · -p or --profile=PROFILE_FILE when fish exits, output timing information on all executed commands to the specified file

       · -v or --version display version and exit

       · -D or --debug-stack-frames=DEBUG_LEVEL specify how many stack frames to display when debug messages are written. The default is zero. A value of 3 or 4 is usually sufficient to
         gain insight into how a given debug call was reached but you can specify a value up to 128.

       The fish exit status is generally the exit status of the last foreground command. If fish is exiting because of a parse error, the exit status is 127.

0.84user 0.08system 0:00.94elapsed 97%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 9472maxresident)k
0inputs+160outputs (0major+30338minor)pagefaults 0swaps

even running fish --help takes almost a second. I removed my conf.d and functions and it's still slow. Any ideas how to debug? fish --version is fast and shows version 2.6.0

I just used this tip and reduced startup time to 500ms
which is still high
Damian Kaczmarek
Dec 07 2017 03:46
and actually this tip is pretty wrong ..
Victor Zverovich
Dec 07 2017 05:43
@Rush You might want to ask this in the fish chat =). This one is the fmt library chat.
Damian Kaczmarek
Dec 07 2017 05:43
@vitaut uh, I apologize
I totally thought I was posting in the fish chat
Victor Zverovich
Dec 07 2017 05:44
No problem
This chat does look fishy