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Mar 2018
Victor Zverovich
Mar 06 2018 04:43
@amosbird, {fmt} doesn't provide any built-in facilities to format bitset, but you can easily write your own formatter:
@bluescarni, the master branch doesn't static_assert any more:
Francesco Biscani
Mar 06 2018 06:52
@vitaut awesome, thank!
Mar 06 2018 11:10
Hi, Is it possible to make a copy of fmt::ArgList for later use. I am trying to move the actually formatting to a background thread. The idea is to push the format string and the ArgList to a queue which will then be poped out by the background thread. From a brief look it seems that the ArgList holds pointers to objects on the stack and it is not valid once the function execution is completed. Is there support for making a deep copy of the ArgList, if not some pointers on how to go about it would be appreciated. Thank You.